When Is The Next Supermoon? Aug Full Moon Will Be Closest Pass Yet

July 14, 2014 - Supermoon

(CBS SF) — If we missed Saturday’s supermoon, don’t worry, we ain’t seen nothin’ nonetheless as a Aug 2014 supermoon will be a closest a moon comes to earth all year, and should be a best of a 5 supermoons of 2014 as it passes within 221,765 miles of us.

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The subsequent supermoon is on Aug 10th, with a closest pass during 11:09 a.m. Pacific time, or 6:09 p.m. concept time. The moon rises during 8:01 p.m. in a Bay Area that night, so you’ll skip a closest impulse unless you’re on a other side of a planet, though we won’t notice a few miles disproportion by a time it rises over a Bay that night. Here’s a great moonrise and moonset tool.

September 9th is a final supermoon.

The “supermoon” is a comparatively newly used tenure to impute to a “perigee full moon” or new moon, basically, when a moon comes to a closest indicate in a circuit to earth. “Supermoon” customarily refers to any of a series of times a moon orbits earth that tumble within a closest 10 percent of orbits.

The 3 supermoons of summer are a many created about, though Saturday wasn’t indeed a first. Jan 1st, 2014, welcomed a new year with a initial super moon.

If we wish a full astronomy of how it works, EarthSky.org has an extraordinary volume of diagrams and graphics.

And, before we devise a large date to suffer a moon, review the facts:
SUPERMOON: Facts to Impress Your Date

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