What’s The ‘Supermoon?’ A Meteorologist Explains

August 18, 2014 - Supermoon

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If a moon looks a small bigger and brighter to we these days, you’re right.

WCCO Radio Meteorologist Mike Lynch explains a supposed “supermoon” phenomenon.

“The ‘supermoon’ is indeed a tenure that comes from astrology, not astronomy,” Lynch said.

Astrologer Richard Knoll invented a term. Lynch says a full moon is indeed a closest to a earth that it will get this year.

What’s A Supermoon?

tim grier winona Whats The Supermoon? A Meteorologist Explainswccoradiologo1 Whats The Supermoon? A Meteorologist Explains

“It’s whenever we have a full moon that within 90 percent of a closest stretch to a earth,” Lynch said.

He says a moon’s circuit is not a circle, it’s an ellipse. When it’s during a farthest stretch it’s called “apogee,” and during a closest stretch it’s called a “perigee.”

“And a full moon we’ve had was only over 221,000 miles away, that creates it a supermoon,” Lynch said.

The one thing about this full moon that was special is that it was a closest stretch this year.

Lynch says it appears about 15-percent brighter than normal and seven-percent larger.

But remember, each time we get a moon rise, a moon will seem bigger.

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