What Is a Supermoon? Here’s What to Know About a Lunar Phenomenon

January 31, 2018 - Supermoon

Sky watchers will see a moon looking brighter and incomparable on Jan 31 when 3 lunar events — including a supermoon — coincide for a initial time in 35 years.

But what accurately is a supermoon?

A supermoon is a full moon during a closest indicate to Earth during a orbit, according to Space.com. While a supermoon will demeanour incomparable and give off some-more light on Jan 31 than a unchanging full moon, a disproportion can be tough to mark with a exposed eye.

But a arriving supermoon will be additional special since it is also a blue moon — a second full moon in a calendar month — and a blood moon, a moon that occurs during a lunar eclipse.

A lunar obscure happens when a Earth moves between a object and a moon, restraint object from attack a moon. As this happens, a moon takes on a reddish color, that is how it got a name “blood moon,” according to Space.com.

Because a Jan 31 supermoon is occurring during a lunar eclipse, and is also a blue moon and a blood moon, it is being called a “super blue blood moon.”

The arriving supermoon is a third of 2018 and will finish a “supermoon trilogy,” according to NASA. The final dual supermoons occurred on Jan 1 and Dec 3.



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