Wanaka: Under a supermoon

June 1, 2015 - Supermoon

Danielle Wright snowshoes cross-country in Wanaka to preview a full-moon fondue ski outing during Snow Farm.

Wanaka municipality by moonlight.
Wanaka municipality by moonlight.

It’s disappointingly ascetic as we arrive in Queenstown, clutching a sleet coats. As we expostulate by a pleasing plateau capped in sleet customarily during a tip points, we hear news that a full-moon fondue we’re requisitioned into has been cancelled.

Despite a miss of sleet elsewhere, pushing adult a prolonged and circuitous highway to Snow Farm shows earnest signs of winter as dozens of rabbits and sleet hares bound opposite a icy trail.

At a tip of a towering where Snow Farm is, there’s copiousness of sleet to prove a city family and we precipitate inside, out of a cold, past tiny white selling bags unresolved outward a ski board windows, temporary fridges.

Snow Farm keeper Mary Lee had a speculation that a continue conditions are historically improved for skiing one day before a full moon. So, a monthly winter event with a fondue during a finish was arranged.

European ski resorts offer identical events, where skiers can equivocate a crowds and mislay their goggles, sunglasses and even headlamps to be means to ski underneath a splendid moon.

Unfortunately, her prophecy didn’t come loyal for us given of a few days of comfortable weather, yet a perspective from a elementary ski board room is overwhelming over a snaking tracks. The kids open a fate with vehement noises as they realize they have their possess patio – filled with snow.

We run them a prohibited bath in a outrageous sauna cylinder with a special duty that keeps a H2O exhilarated so after they’ve skated around on a rug they comfortable their toes in a bath, afterwards conduct behind out for a sleet bum underneath a light – returning an hour after to a still-warm bath.

In a meantime, Andy Pohl, ski operations manager for Snow Farm, takes me on a snowshoe bum to where we would have left – with 30 other people – on a full-moon ski. It’s easy to travel in a shoes, despite with a cowboy’s gait.

Wearing snowshoes meant we can go cross-country and not keep to a neat tracks. Andy leads a approach down a tiny slope as we stagger in rags of low soothing snow, steadying myself with a poles.

As we walk, Andy tells me about a mountain. Originally from Dunedin, he’s been entrance to a plantation given he was 2 and remembers it as usually a hovel with skis for hire; now it’s a board and there are some-more than 40km of neat trails.

The sleet is many whiter looking than during a other internal skifields given Snow Farm doesn’t make any snow. It looks like soothing topping sugarine and creates good snowballs that container utterly a punch, as we find out when my 8-year-old son surprises me with one on a travel back.

The landscape as we conduct out along a lane is vast, dotted with hulk schist rocks. Just like a wintry informal park, there are also park benches for a rest.


As we conduct behind to a lodge, a breeze kindly whispers in a ears from a depth where a Roaring Meg Stream waits below. We’re reduction talkative on a approach back, a UFO-shaped observation room behaving as a kind of beam in a distance.

We rush inside to a comfort of a Snow Farm bar where we play games of Scrabble and Checkers, before tucking into a best food we knowledge on a trip, lovingly done by a cook in a kitchen downstairs.

Normally, there would be large pots of cheese and chocolate in soup urns for guest to drop a bamboo hang with breads, pale vegetables, melon, grapes, marshmallows and chocolate fish into. There’s also customarily mulled wine, prohibited chocolate and Irish coffee with a good swill of whiskey.

Tonight, though, a tasty kumara soup, proposal veal schnitzel, unfeeling couscous salad and rhubarb pulp keep everybody in good spirits as a shade is lowered prepared to watch a rugby match. The Snow Farm organisation bond with guest over bottles of drink for a loyal ski board experience. There are no front and graces here, and it’s all a improved for it.

Taking to a slopes during Snow Farm is child's play.
Taking to a slopes during Snow Farm is child’s play.

Snow Farm is so variable that even when other plateau are closed, or packed in a propagandize holidays, there are things to do here: from dog sledding and kite snowboarding to cross-country skiing, as good as a on-mountain board and back-country huts for overnight visits (and bacon and eggs during emergence subsequent to a Roaring Meg Stream).

At 5am a subsequent day, we contend a bleary-eyed goodbye to Snow Farm underneath an sable sky bright customarily by stars and a “super moon” to beam a trail down a mountain. The sleet sparkles as it reflects a light and we get a feel of what a full-moon fondue night ski could have been like: magical.

Puzzling world.
Puzzling world.

Starry Night

Edgewater Resort is ideally positioned for families with immature children. After a night on a mountain, we bottom ourselves on a corner of a lake and slick schist stones on a ideally prosaic water, creation driftwood fishing poles as we travel around a lake’s corner past many photographers creation a many of a slick alpine conditions. Borrow a hotel bikes and conduct around a lake to a iconic dinosaur stadium and have your print taken subsequent to a hulk hand.

Cardrona Hotel is a cosy mark for an apres-ski mulled wine. It’s substantially a most-photographed pub in a nation and one famous publican – James “Jimmy” Patterson – used to control a volume of wine his guest were allowed: one if streamer over a Crown Range and dual if streamer to Wanaka. Every winter he’d close a hotel and leave a note: “Beer underneath counter, assistance yourself”.

Puzzling World is a good place for a inexpensive lunch for a kids, and lots of puzzles on a tables keep them entertained. Afterwards, try out a Illusion Rooms and a Great Maze, as good as a print event holding adult a Leaning Tower of Wanaka,

• The subsequent full-moon fondue ski event is Jul 31. Booking essential. $80 per person, including snowshoes/skis and fondue. Snowshoeing is suitable for any turn and is a world’s fastest flourishing winter sport. For a full towering ski board experience, stay overnight.

Dani was hosted by Lake Wanaka Tourism. For some-more information on a Lake Wanaka segment revisit lakewanaka.co.nz

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