Vincom to applaud Mid-Autumn Festival with “supermoon”

September 26, 2017 - Supermoon

To applaud Mid-Autumn 2017, Vincom selling centres will underline a special festival array themed “Đến Vincom – Đón Quà đoàn viên” (Come to Vincom – To reunite).

The prominence of a festival is a fantastic “supermoon” that will arise in a sky above Vincom Mega Mall Royal City.

The “supermoon” was recognized as a largest-ever moon flare in Việt Nam by a Việt Nam Record Organisation on Sep 21 during an eventuality to light a flare and flog off a full-moon festival that will final until Oct 4.

The high-powered flare with an 8m hole is a 3D tiny of a moon, and took some-more than 3 weeks to complete. The “supermoon” will illuminate china light over a Royal Square during a festival.

Surrounding it are some-more than 500 lovable rabbit lights with colours changing in peace with a tune to emanate a clear nonetheless talented stage during Vincom during this year’s full-moon festival.

During a Sep 21 opening ceremony, besides a “supermoon,” visitors to Vincom Mega Mall Royal City were also tender with a smashing song and dance performances. In particular, 41 moon rabbits – mystic for 41 Vincom Centres national – walked around Vincom giving propitious gifts to children.

Inspired by a thought of reunion during a full-moon festival, Vincom centres are also flashy with stimulating lanterns to make singular lantern streets.

Notably, on weekends forward of full-moon night, Vincom will organize a “moonlit personification field” for children where they can suffer sparkling activities, such as creation lantern, tò he, rabbit masks and moon cakes.

On Oct 4, or Sep 15 of a lunar calendar, a “full-moon festival” will be organized during 41 Vincom centres with a concentration on a lantern parade, lion dance, performances on drums and a series of other sparkling activities.

On a occasion, a series of sell stores ar Vincom centres are charity gifts and promotions to customers.

VinMart is giving discounts on a series of products such as toys, confectionery products and fruits. Customers can select moon cakes from normal to particular flavours, from Hải Hà, Kinh Đô, Hữu Nghị and Bibica, as good as Thu Hương, Long Đình, Madame Hương and Đồng Khánh, along with Maison, Dairy Queen, Baskin Robbins and Tour les Jours.

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