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May 19, 2016 - Supermoon

Supermoon might have grown from Movieland, though don’t upset a dual bands. Yes, 3 of Supermoon’s members—multi-instrumentalists Adrienne LaBelle and Alie Lynch, and drummer Selina Crammond—were also in a progressing group, though interjection to relations visitor Katie Gravestock and some cunning instrument-swapping, Supermoon has grown a possess graphic sound.

That sound is listened to good outcome on a internal quartet’s soon-to-be-released Mint Records debut, Playland.

“This manuscript for certain feels like a clear additional step over Movieland,” LaBelle says when a Straight rings her adult during her lunch break. “In Movieland we had a order that no strain should be over dual mins long; they should only be short, poppy songs. We only wanted to do fun, brief cocktail songs. Our songs are all still flattering short, though we don’t have that same thought anymore. It’s a bit some-more open and we’ve explored songwriting in a opposite way. We’ve taken a bit some-more time with it on this record, so we consider a sound has altered a small bit. It’s a bit darker in parts. It’s still poppy, though it’s a bit some-more initial for a purposes. We unequivocally have branched out in songwriting.”

Indeed, songs such as “Night Division” and “Bottle Ships” are carried along by agreeable guitar licks that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on a Cure record circa 1985. The latter lane ends in a whirl of inharmonious feedback and foam that leads naturally into a subsequent cut, “Stories We Tell Ourselves About Ourselves”, that somehow blends stop-start postpunk riffs with surf’s-up pitter-patter and Middle Eastern six-string.

What truly sets Supermoon detached is a ostensible negligence for a stone ’n’ hurl rulebook. There are constantly dual guitars playing, though rather than dividing a work adult into a stroke partial and a lead part, Supermoon some-more mostly intertwines a span of symphonic lines that spasmodic strife in astonishing though not upsetting ways.

“There’s not been any diversion devise where we masterminded a whole thing,” LaBelle says. “It’s only what happens. When Katie does play a chord, they’re always discordant. She always goes for a Sonic Youth–y kind of thing. And afterwards Alie plays guitar, though she always comes adult with unequivocally poppy riffs.

“One thing that happened on this record is that we switched,” LaBelle continues. “I was a drum actor for all a songs before, and on this manuscript Alie and we switched for 4 songs. we consider partial of what has happened is that we was creatively a violin player, and this is my initial time personification guitar on a record, during all. we consider we play guitar like a violin a small bit. I’m only straight-up not good during personification chords. It doesn’t come naturally to me. So by default we play riffy bits.”

Supermoon’s Selina Crammond showed off her yo-yo skills in Calgary in 2014.

Playland will come out this week as a span of 7-inch records. This is a flashback to a Mint Records classical of days left by—cub’s Betti-Cola was expelled in a same format in 1993—but it’s also practical. The direct for vinyl LPs has outpaced a prolongation capabilities of dire plants to such an border that it can take months to get a full-length record manufactured, and Supermoon wanted to put Playland out now, not in a fall.

The double 7-inch thought indeed came from Mint Records owner Randy Iwata (who also happens to be a hermit of pup member Robyn Iwata). According to LaBelle, Supermoon was happy to run with Iwata’s suggestion, generally given how hands-off a folks during Mint are when it comes to artistic matters in general.

“They’re not perplexing to take any artistic control or anything, so that was unequivocally nice,” she notes. “It’s fundamentally only like carrying friends assistance support we with your music, and only an additional set of hands and all that arrange of stuff. They were always around for a past dual years as friends and supporters, and we knew that they favourite a music, since they kept seeking us to play things, so eventually we sealed a understanding with them, and that was nice.”

Supermoon plays a record-release uncover for Playland during a Astoria on Thursday (May 19).

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