Valley photographer a finalist in SuperMoon contest

October 1, 2015 - Supermoon

It was a uncover in a sky on Sunday night, a SuperMoon and a lunar obscure happened during a same time, a initial time in 30 years.

It was dubbed a “Super Blood Moon” on amicable media, and it done for a fantastic theme for both veteran and pledge photographers.

Now some of those images are removing special approval from NASA, including one print taken in Peoria. He took several photos Sunday night, and one was comparison as a semi-finalist in a print contest.

Josh Spradling has had a lifelong adore for astronomy and has been holding photos as a hobby for about 15 years. All his friends were certain he’d take cinema of a SuperMoon, though Josh says, that roughly didn’t happen! Thankfully it did and now one of his blood moon photo’s competence finish adult featured on NASA’s website.

Under a comfortable orange heat of Sunday’s SuperMoon Josh, Spradling prisoner images of a moon, and entered one shot with an iconic saguaro in NASA’s “Super Blood Moon Photo Contest”.

“Normally we don’t contention entries to any contest, we don’t rubbish my time, though figured I’d give it a shot and final notation entry,” pronounced Josh Spradling.

His final notation preference paid off. From thousands of entries, NASA comparison Josh’s picture as 1 of 6 finalists; 4 others from a US, and one from Indonesia. The Funny thing is that Josh roughly skipped holding photos, all together!

“I was so exhausted, we was so tired, we roughly only wanted to take a snooze and not even go out and demeanour during it,” he said.

While out grabbing a pizza for his family, Josh finally succumbed to a beauty of a Super Moon. He pulled off a highway nearby 83rd and Jomax and snapped divided on his Cannon DSLR.

“I had a pizza in a automobile so we suspicion 5 mins and I’ll be on my way, and we finished adult holding over an hour holding substantially over 100 shots,” pronounced Spradling.

Cold pizza in hand, Josh returned to his inspired family. He pronounced they weren’t too happy about a pizza, though were anxious to learn his picture competence finish adult on NASA’s website.
“That’s kind of because I’m doing these interviews, to apologize for a cold pizza, though other than that we consider we’re even now,” pronounced Spradling.

Josh’s print is one of 6 comparison as semi-finalists in a contest. Voting in a competition finished during 9 p.m. Tuesday if his picture is a leader it will be featured on NASA’s website and amicable media sites.


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