Union’s Daniel Luna Edits Broadcast Campaign for CustomInk around SUPERMOON

April 19, 2016 - Supermoon

Daniel Luna of bicoastal Union edited a new debate for CustomInk, combined around SUPERMOON and helmed by Thilbault Debaveye. Called “For All of Life’s Events” – and desirous by CustomInk business – a debate outlines Luna’s initial partnership with this client, group and director. 

Told by a array of moments in one girl’s life, “Beautiful Girl,” chronicles a infirm years of a dancer named Emma. The :30 account is propelled by Luna’s speed warping, dissolves and compare cuts, that lift us by Emma’s entrance onesie to childhood dance parties, recitals, cheerleading, village entertainment and college productions, her life as a veteran performer and – eventually – as a owners of a dance studio. Each eventuality is represented by a square of tradition clothing, among other defining touches; a shutting impulse facilities a grown Emma and her dance students wearing studio tees done by CustomInk. 

“Entrepreneur” follows Pete, whose adore of plants and trees sets a theatre for a career travelling gardening, landscaping and architecture. What starts as a internal mowing business with his pals evolves into Pete’s career and, throughout, CustomInk is there. 

Finally, there’s Max, whose account is told in a “Circle of Life”. Here, too, we are swept seamlessly by a years as Luna connects a dots of Max’s youth. Whether it’s center propagandize sports, a family vacation, his marriage or a initial birthday of his daughter, a pivotal moments of Max’s life are prisoner – and distinguished – by CustomInk. 

Luna credited ECD/Partner David DeRoma, CD/CW David Blacker and executive Debaveye with creation a routine of slicing a debate as well-spoken as a transitions within a spots. “DeRo, David and Thilbault were illusory to work with,” he said. “It was a lot of fun and I’m unequivocally unapproachable of a work.”

About Union
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