UFO Sighting: Mysterious Object Flashes Across a Super Moon (Watch Video)

August 18, 2014 - Supermoon


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Scott Waring from UFO sightings daily, pronounced that it was an engaging locate of a Super Moon. A black round is prisoner relocating silently opposite a Moon, not on a surface, though between a Moon and a Earth. “This man has amazingly absolute apparatus that is throwing this UFO,” he added.

Mediabyjj pronounced in his description, “This wasn’t a International Space Station (ISS) because, while it was manifest over New Jersey during a dusk this video was recorded, it was good divided from where a Moon was (The Moon was in a SE during this time). The ISS seemed 12° above NNW and left 10° above NNE. we also available this during 10:30 pm ET, and a ISS seemed only after 10:00 pm ET.”

The Jul Super Moon was to seem 30 per cent brighter and 14 per cent bigger than a normal full Moon. This was a initial of a 3 uninterrupted Super Moons of 2014.

On many occasions, there have been sightings in a Solar System. A stone with a pyramid on it was seen on Jun 29. Scientists during a ISRO laboratory identified it as asteroid 1999 RQ36.

The black pyramid video was uploaded on You Tube. In a video, a asteroid appears as a stone in space though when celebrated closely, it seems to be inhabited.

In Mar 2014, a three-minute, 40-second video shows a round rotating intent entrance tighten to a International Space Station.

In April, a Mars Curiosity corsair prisoner an picture on a aspect of Mars that seemed like a lamp of light. But a scientists during NASA contend it could be due to vast rays attack a camera detector or intent resplendent on a rock. This lifted questions about aliens on Mars.

All these incidents do not criticise a odds of a intent speckled in Mediabyjj’s video to be a UFO. Instead, it opens a video to a possibilities of it being one. Viewers all around a universe were taken aback by mediabyjj, and a views of a video have soared adult to 1,113,394 in only 6 days given it was uploaded on Aug 10.

While some trust it to be an visitor space craft, a few others are doubtful about it. The universe has been acid for answers to visitor sightings and existence. Until this day, it still stays a mystery. 

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