Two Aussies are creation NYC’s many sparkling pastries

June 26, 2018 - Supermoon

A Melbourne twin has had New Yorkers queuing for pastries given they non-stop their bakehouse during a finish of final year. But while they do offer classical croissants, Supermoon Bakehouse is mostly famous for a formidable and indulgent creations. 

At a helm of Supermoon Bakehouse are fritter cook Ry Stephen and engineer Aron Tzimas. Stephen worked underneath cook Gary Cooper in a Yarra Valley, before perfecting his skills in Paris and cofounding renouned bakery Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in San Francisco with Tzimas and another partner.

Ry Stephen Supermoon Bakehouse

Melburnian Ry Stephen is a fritter cook behind New York’s Supermoon Bakehouse.

Why did a dual Melburnians confirm to open emporium in New York? “It’s so dynamic, engaging and action-packed. It seemed like a no-brainer,” explains Stephen to SBS Food.

Cruffins, croissants and donuts

During his time during Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, Stephen was credited for popularising a cruffin, a fritter hybrid finished from croissant mix baked in a muffin shape, afterwards pressed and garnished. It finished clarity he would move a cruffin with him to Supermoon Bakehouse.


There’s usually one cruffin on a menu during a time. Last week, we could get a peanut butter crater cruffin (filled with chocolate ganache and peanut butter crème pâtissière). This week, it’s a packet mojito coffee cruffin, with coffee crème pâtissière and packet cream core surfaced with a white chocolate feather.


Supermoon Bakehouse is also good famous for their bi-colour, twice-baked and delectable croissants. The menu changes regularly, though a group has kept a “banana separate sundae twice-baked croissant”, a favourite, and a “NYC” (a piquancy lonesome croissant filled with lox, cream cheese and capers) given a beginning. Did we contend it was indulgent?

Supermoon Bakehouse Banana Split Sundae

Inside a insanely good Banana Split Sundae Twice-Baked Croissant.

And a crowning glory? Their doughtnuts were only named The Absolute Best Doughnuts in New York by Grub Street. Like their other pastries, a doughnuts are pressed to a margin with alluring flavours that change weekly.


Not only about a ‘gram

If we revisit Supermoon Bakehouse, we won’t be means to conflict gnawing a few photos of a pinkish marble counters or a shimmering takeaway boxes with impertinent messages. It’s Tzimas who is obliged for a design, carrying also worked on a branding of Mr. Miyagi, Bomba and The Meatball Wine Bar in Melbourne.

While a demeanour of a space and a pastries has helped Supermoon Bakehouse turn popular, a peculiarity of any fritter is undeniable.

Supermoon Bakehouse

Not your standard bakery counter.

Stephen explained that creation a elementary croissant takes 3 days. “Some things can't be rushed. There are no shortcuts,” he says. 

If croissant purists competence be repelled to see Stephen’s crazy creations, they’ll be happy to learn that a fritter cook stills respects normal techniques. “There are really normal elements to what we do and really non-traditional elements to it too. We put a lot of adore and caring in a croissants. As for a other mixture inside them… If there’s lemon spread inside it, it’s still a lemon spread finished in a really traditional, well-executed way,” he says. “It’s only a erect that’s non-traditional.”


For NYC’s summer season, Stephen says that his creations will be fresh, light and focused on fruits. To keep adult to date with a ever-changing menu, follow Supermoon Bakehouse on Instagram or revisit their website.


Supermoon Bakehouse

120 Rivington Street, New York (Lower East Side)

Mon-Fri 8am – until sole out or 6pm

Sat-Sun 9am – until sole out or 6pm


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This hybrid is a cranky between a croissant and muffin – flaky fritter shaped in a muffin tin. 

Kiflice are filled pastries that demeanour like mini croissants though have a some-more strudel-scone-like texture. Whilst a mix itself isn’t sweet, a jam stuffing and a commanding sugarine commanding gives this fritter a honeyed hit. 

At Choukette, a French fritter located in Brunswick, Melbourne, Nans Wojtczak and his group work tough to emanate normal bread and pastries. You can suffer French baguette, quiches, cakes and croissants. In this podcast, Nans Wojtczak shares one of his specialties – chouquettes.

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