TripAdvisor Returns to TV Advertising With Bathrobe-Clad Owl as Spokesperson

June 14, 2017 - Supermoon

Forget Priceline’s William Shatner,’s Captain Obvious, a Trivago Guy, and Travelocity’s Roaming Gnome. TripAdvisor returned to TV promotion in a U.S. Tuesday after a two-year deficiency with a bathrobe-clad owl character, desirous by a company’s Ollie a Owl logo, advising consumers that by TripAdvisor they can collect hotel formula from 200 sites, save adult to 30 percent on a rates, and find a “right hotel for we and a best price.”

The tagline for this initial “Little Wiser” campaign, that will be a array of ads, is “TripAdvisor: latest reviews, lowest prices.” TripAdvisor showed Skift a 30-second and dual 15-second TV ads that are partial of a initial rollout. [See one of a 15-second spots embedded below.]

There isn’t any messaging in this initial array of TV ads, that clamp boss of code selling Neela Pal told Skift will evolve, about engagement on TripAdvisor other than a company’s altogether tagline during a finish of a ads: “Know better, book better, go better.”

Pal pronounced a debate starts with an importance on comparing hotel prices, and successive ads competence hold on engagement on TripAdvisor and other site features.

TripAdvisor is “well-known though not famous well,” Pal said. “People know a name though not a full value proposition.”

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The fact that a campaign doesn’t pull engagement on TripAdvisor fits good with a company’s de-emphasis of Instant Booking on TripAdvisor, that is still a site underline though not as distinguished following a new redesign. Instead, consumers can click on a integrate and navigate to a site such as,, or to finish a booking.

TripAdvisor announced progressing this year that it would spend $70 million on TV promotion in 2017. The TV debate rolled out in a U.S. Tuesday, will be introduced in a UK, France and Spain in a subsequent integrate of weeks, and will entrance in Australia in July, Pal said.

Ad group Supermoon, that became TripAdvisor’s group progressing this year, crafted a campaign. It is geared to stress a owl spokesperson’s knowledge while raised certainty and a loose demeanour as a impression lies behind on a hotel bed in his — yes, a owl is a he with a masculine voice — bathrobe, in a good hotel, Pal said.

There are certain parallels between a Travelocity Roaming Gnome, that traces a beginnings to around 2003, and TripAdvisor’s owl character. Pal forked out that TripAdvisor’s Ollie a Owl trademark has prolonged been a association item while a Roaming Gnome didn’t have any Travelocity story when it was introduced.

The owl is “not a made asset,” Pal said.

The owl is also a lot cuter than a Gnome.

Supermoon has also finished work for Expedia’s Hotwire,, and The Honest Company.

The TripAdvisor ad tagline, “TripAdvisor: latest reviews, lowest prices,” is differentiated a tad from opposition Trivago’s “Find a ideal hotel during a best price.”

Trivago CFO Axel Hefer recently told Skift that a advertising plan revolves around spots that are “explainer” ads. He pronounced a hotel-search site, that competes with TripAdvisor, motionless a promotion has to learn people how to use a site before it can find to emanate an romantic affinity with a brand.

TripAdvisor’s new debate is also in a “explainer” category, instructing consumers that they can find hotel formula on a site from 200 hotel-booking sites, and low prices.

The disproportion between TripAdvisor and Trivago, Pal said, “is we indeed have a lot of romantic affinity. We have some of that romantic attachment.”

TripAdvisor’s new debate will atmosphere on a brew of media, including network and wire channels, Pal said. It is primarily a TV debate in a initial incarnation. found that as of mid-afternoon Tuesday, TripAdvisor was using 3 spots and they had aired 36 times on inhabitant TV.

TripAdvisor was not immediately putting a debate on amicable media since officials cruise it a work in swell that will evolve. Subsequent ads might demeanour significantly opposite as TripAdvisor measures a opening of a debut.

The TV debate comes as TripAdvisor looks to accelerate expansion after struggling with a rollout of Instant Booking in 2016. TripAdvisor’s batch cost non-stop during $37.88 on Tuesday compared with a 52-week high of $71.69.

The company’s income per hotel shopper, a pivotal metric, softened has been climbing in a U.S., that was a initial embankment to see Instant Booking totally rolled out, as have a series of singular hotel shoppers.

TripAdvisor struggled with a transition from metasearch — or clicking over to third-party sites for engagement — to apropos a engagement site and is now downplaying a latter underline in preference of a some-more remunerative metasearch offering.

TripAdvisor hasn’t finished any TV promotion over a final dual years as it worked with a transition and afterwards redesigned a sites to place metasearch rather than Instant Booking as a widespread option.

In a interim, opposition Trivago and other sites such as,, Travelocity and have all been heavily advertising.

TripAdvisor’s new debate is designed to get a voice behind on TV and some-more in a open mindset.

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