Tonight’s fantastic full moon: cinema from Cambridgeshire – Dec 6

December 6, 2014 - Supermoon

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Did we see this evening’s fantastic full moon as a object set?

After a bright, transparent day, a stately nightfall bright a full moon, withdrawal it intense vast and orange in a early dusk sky.

Despite a vast and distinguished coming in some tools of a Cambridge region, it wasn’t one of a supposed ‘supermoons’. 

A supermoon occurs when a full moon or a new moon coincides with a closest proceed a Moon creates to a Earth on a elliptical orbit. It leads to a moon appearing to be incomparable in a sky. The technical name is a perigee-syzygy of a Earth-Moon-Sun system.

There is no set clarification of how tighten a Moon has to be for it to validate as a supermoon, so annals vary. But many cruise a many new supermoon to have been on September 9, 2014, while dates for those in 2015 are:

Wednesday, Feb 18 – new Moon

Friday, Mar 20 – new Moon – Solar eclipse

Monday, Sep 28 – full Moon – Lunar eclipse

Tuesday, Oct 27 – full Moon.

It might not have been ‘super’, though if we captured tonight’s considerable lunar arrangement on camera, let us know by emailing

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