This Gorgeous Film Shows Photographers In Front of a Rising Supermoon

October 3, 2015 - Supermoon

This past weekend, a day before a supermoon lunar eclipse, photographer Mark Gee motionless to take advantage of a additional vast moon his possess way. Gee recruited a garland of internal photographers from Wellington, New Zealand, and had them sketch a moon from a mountain while Gee filmed a moonrise in a background.

What resulted was a 2-minute brief film above, patrician “Photographers Moonrise,” that shows photographers being lilliputian by an huge supermoon rising into a sky.


Gee says a whole thing was prisoner in one take, and that he destined his subjects regulating a 2-way radio from 1.5 kilometers divided (~.93 miles). “After a few shaken moments heading adult to a moonrise, all fell into place, and all went ideally to plan,” Gee writes.

Back in 2013, Gee gained Internet-wide courtesy for a identical video patrician “Full Moon Silhouettes.” If you’re meddlesome in training how to fire this form of shot yourself, check out this walkthrough article Gee wrote.

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