The Supermoon in Birmingham: We wish we to send us your pictures

April 15, 2015 - Supermoon

It is not a bad moon that’s rising over Birmingham tonight – it’s a Supermoon.

Weather permitting, depending where we are in a UK it could be an implausible sight…. as will tomorrow’s singular solar eclipse.

Tonight (Thursday) a earth and moon will be as tighten together as they can be, giving arise to a supposed Supermoon. Because a moon is during a nearest indicate to a earth, it appears to be incomparable than normal.

Supermoons start possibly during a New Moon or a Full Moon – and a one tonight is a New Moon, so don’t design anything too bright.

If a New Moon is manifest and we are propitious adequate to take a good design we would adore to hear from you.

However, if we don’t see anything tonight, afterwards a moon will really be manifest tomorrow when it passes in front of a object for a solar eclipse.

Post your snaps, together with your details, on a Birmingham Mail’s Facebook page, twitter them to us @birminghammail with a hashtag #supermoon.

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