The mom of all Plot dumps comes to Sailor Moon Crystal

November 2, 2014 - Supermoon

The mom of all Plot dumps comes to Sailor Moon Crystal

Secrets revealed! Everyone takes a impulse to demeanour behind and remember a origins of a Moon Kingdom this week, and cuddle it out. we wish we like infodumps, because Sailor Moon Crystal usually strike a motherlode.

The mom of all Plot dumps comes to Sailor Moon Crystal

Our part starts with a discerning sign of final time’s cliffhanger (maybe we wouldn’t need to do this if we were on each week SMC, goddammit) – Tuxedo Mask jumping in a approach of Kunzite’s conflict to strengthen Usagi. Yay, Heroism! Boo, he’s dying. Mamoru’s nearby genocide state awakens some of his memories, as SMC goes Battlestar Galactica and reminds us that all that has happened before will occur again – he remembers that his name is unequivocally Endymion, and that he’s died safeguarding Princess Serenity before, and even pegs it that Sailor Moon is unequivocally Serenity before giving out.

Usagi is apparently not best gratified during this, and in her grief goes Super-Moon-Saiyan, transforming into Princess Serenity, most to a warn of a rest of a Sailor Scouts (except Minako, who kinda gets to usually play along notwithstanding already meaningful she was a Sabé to Serenity’s Padmé). She cries so tough she recreates a Legendary Silver Crystal! Everyone is blinded by a light of a Crystal, to a indicate that even Beryl shows adult in chairman to try and seize it, yet a Senshi intervene, restraint her conflict while a Crystal’s light heals Mamoru…

The mom of all Plot dumps comes to Sailor Moon Crystal

But Kunzite nabs him! Somehow. we know a girls were bustling fending off Beryl, yet I’m not wholly certain how no one beheld Kunzite snapping in right in front of them and snatching Mamoru. Beryl and Kunzite shelter with Mamoru in tow, and Usagi soon loses her shit. It’s not been a good part for a bad lady so far.

The squad reconvenes during Luna’s Arcade Base for nonetheless another tract dump – as if Mamoru and Usagi’s find of their past as Endymion and Serenity wasn’t adequate a initial time round, here’s Artemis with an explainer for a Senshi and us during home (again). Long ago a Earth was a unaccompanied Kingdom, as was a Moon, and they lived in relations peace while Prince Endymion and Princess Serenity got their Romeo and Juliet on. The dim Kingdom’s army hexed a adults of Earth however, and used them to conflict a moon – an conflict that saw Endymion cut down by his allies and a Moon Kingdom sacked. The tract dump however does zero to lift Usagi out of her unhappiness though, who even declares that she doesn’t wish to be a Princess, she usually wants to be a normal teen in love. It’s kind of extraordinary that SMC managed to execute Usagi this part not unequivocally as a marred brat – it would’ve been distant too easy to do that – yet as a impression honestly racked with grief, and her sad admission that a Princess life isn’t all that she dreamt it would be is honestly touching.

The mom of all Plot dumps comes to Sailor Moon Crystal

Meanwhile in Dark Kingdom AE, Beryl and Kunzite are examination over Mamoru’s body, carrying searched him for a Legendary Silver Crystal. Beryl final that he be kept alive until they find it, and Kunzite agrees – before he’s assimilated by a rest of a Shittenou, who apparently find Mamoru familiar. It looks like SMC’s change to keep all 4 Shittenou alive is finally starting to come together, and they’re doing some engaging things with it (even if it’s taken them so long), generally with Kunzite stealing a fact that he recognises Endymion from a rest of them. Dun solicit dunnnn!

Back on earth, Usagi is still jarred adult by Mamoru’s capture, waking adult from offensive dreams of his genocide and great herself behind to sleep. Everyone’s bummed out, even Luna – yet a Senshi confirm to go and revisit Usagi in an try to hearten her up. It’s kind of brushed over when they uncover adult during Usagi’s house, yet what a ruin does Usagi’s mom think’s happened to her daughter? we mean, she’s evidently been sealed in her room for a few days during least, pang from some arrange of quasi-PSTD. She seems infrequently okay, yet no matter – a girls enter her room to find Usagi, errr… glowing?

The mom of all Plot dumps comes to Sailor Moon Crystal

Okay, that’s weird. And can apparently usually be solved one approach – girls night in hairdressing time! It turns out that given her mutation into Serenity, Usagi’s hair has kept flourishing out to absurd lengths (and also GLOWING, yet no one seems to criticism on that), so a Senshi assistance her cut it and husband it behind into her common style. The Senshi use a time to also remind Usagi that they’re there for her, how they wish her to be happy again as good as reminding her that she doesn’t have to be Princess Serenity: She has to be herself. One thing SMC has been unequivocally good during is reminding us that Usagi’s pivotal strength competence not be care or fighting ability, yet her ability to hearten adult those around her and a strength of a holds between her and her friends. The girls cuddle it out, and it is once again utterly a honeyed impulse – Sailor Moon Crystal hasn’t been fearful to be a bit emotionally over-emotional so distant with a melodrama, yet Usagi’s arc and solve to be some-more than usually a withdraw of Princess Serenity’s tragedy over a march of a part is a outrageous impression moment, and unequivocally good done.

So naturally, Luna interrupts it by blurting out that they should all go to a Moon. Bu-whaaa?

The mom of all Plot dumps comes to Sailor Moon Crystal

I adore Artemis’ face here. He’s usually like ‘GOD LUNA YOU CAN’T JUST TELL SOMEONE TO GO TO THE MOON’.

Well, it creates clarity – a Senshi famous who they are, Usagi knows she’s Serenity, and they know that a Dark Kingdom is on a Moon – if a girls wish answers and to save Mamoru, they need to conduct to a place where it all started. And a Senshi, now joined some-more than they ever have been, agree.

Next time: THEY TOTALLY GO TO THE MOON. When a Cat tells we to go to a moon, we damn good do it. We competence have had a bit of a postponement this week to dump all a backstory out, yet deliberation how good they rubbed Usagi’s impression growth here I’m peaceful to give SMC a bit of a giveaway pass – it was good value a tract dumps to get a group where they are now. To a moon!

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