The Jun supermoon: Why everybody in your life is in such a bad mood during a moment.

June 16, 2018 - Supermoon


You competence have beheld that Pam in accounting is quite grouchy during a moment.

Perhaps Todd from IT is banging keyboards and observant ‘sh*t’ a lot.

Maybe we stubbed your toe this morning, detonate into tears, and afterwards went on a harangue about how life isn’t satisfactory and how we hatred Pam from accounting.

I mean… I did.

Possibly even a small act of reading this post is p*ssing we off.

Well, you’re not devising things.

Everyone is bloody fractious right now and they’re also crying. A lot.


You see, there’s a new moon arisin’ and it’s a super moon.

This supermoon is wrecking massacre on people’s moods and creation them cranky mccrankisons with fractious lil’ holder faces.

It’s also creation people feel unhappy and exposed and usually generally unequivocally emotional.

Basically, there’s a big, dim round in a sky and it’s p*ssing people off.

Lemme mangle it down for you.

At 5:43am on Jun 14 (that’s tomorrow morning) a new supermoon will arise and a darkened side will face us small mortals here on earth. So not usually will a sky be darker yet a moods will be darker.

According to Elite Daily, a moods will impersonate a moon and we’ll be tad romantic and, well, a tad lacking in self awareness.

So small things will seem like large dramas and we’ll start to tract a rain of Pam in accounting, even yet she’s usually a honeyed lady who likes to eat tuna for lunch.

The good news is… it won’t final long. I mean, hopefully.

Soon a moon will pierce by a rest of a 27 day cycle and you’ll be behind to your normal chirpy self.

The new moon is also an event for we to strike a modernise symbol and refocus your goals for a entrance weeks.

And to maybe, usually maybe, be a small easier on Pam.

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