The Harvest Supermoon sends a message

September 19, 2014 - Supermoon

The moon is full tonight as we lay here essay this column. This is a Harvest Moon of Sep given it falls closest to a tumble equinox. It’s also a Supermoon this year. This occurs when a moon creates a closest proceed to Earth in a elliptical circuit and appears incomparable to us. we theory we can call it a Harvest Supermoon.

I haven’t seen any werewolves during this Supermoon, though it influenced adult a lot of thoughts in my mind as we find ourselves in a transition from summer to fall. For those of us in a North Country, that means winter is usually around a corner. According to a Old Farmer’s Almanac, we’re in for a nasty winter with satirical cold and lots of snow. Uff da, we was anticipating for a amiable winter after final year. But initial we need to suffer a fall.

The Harvest Moon that I’m looking during signals a attainment of tumble and a collect season. Before a appearance of tractors and apparatus with lights, farmers relied on a full moon of Sep to assistance get their crops in as they worked late into a night. Maybe that’s because it’s called a Harvest Moon.

Mid-September also heralds a attainment of a Vernon County Fair, a final satisfactory of a year in Wisconsin. The continue this time of year is always a hurl of a dice. Sometimes it’s shorts and t-shirts and other times prolonged underwear and winter jackets. Since I’m now retired, we won’t be operative prolonged hours in a Co-op building any day. This year we can go to a fair, ramble around, suffer it and not feel like we need to precipitate behind to a booth.

I’ve been attending a Vernon County Fair given we was a immature child in 4-H and showed cattle and hogs. Even afterwards we had time to ramble around a fairgrounds, play some satisfactory games, go on rides and, of course, eat good, healthful satisfactory food.

One of a large attractions of any satisfactory is a food. I’ll be a initial to acknowledge that eating a lot of it will get we a quick sheet to Cardiac City. I’ve been in training for months now, walking 3 miles a day, doing planks and situps, and removing in shape. I’m perplexing to get my heart and lungs pumping during rise potency so they can flush out all that deleterious cholesterol. Then we can eat my approach opposite a fairgrounds though dropping over from a Big One. Just meditative about all a satisfactory food creates my mouth H2O and my circulatory complement shudder.

There are several food stops that are imperative when we go to a fair. Hub’s Fries has turn an establishment and people had withdrawal symptoms final year when they weren’t during a satisfactory during a bottom of a grandstand. This year we know for a fact that they’ll be behind in their common spot. Another contingency stop is Kjelland’s deep-fried cheese curds right beside a Co-op building. It was most too accessible when we spent prolonged days in that building a final 7 years.

OK, that’s usually dual of a food hotspots, there are copiousness more, and any chairman has their personal favorites. I’ve got to have during slightest one of a shredded pig on baked potatoes with all a trimmings. Then there’s a cut of Dave’s Pizza or a 4-H mount for hamburgers and a square of cake a-la-mode. we have to condescend my aged alma mater given we spent many years in 4-H. You can tip all off with a hand-squeezed lemonade and some some-more deep-fried cheese curds from a man who seems like he’s had that small mount during a satisfactory given a commencement of time.

Foot-long hotdogs were one of my favorites behind when we was a child during a fair. They didn’t ambience any opposite from typical hotdogs though we theory it was a newness of it. If all those choices aren’t enough, there’s a accumulation of deep-fried food on a stick. That way, we can travel around a fairgrounds and get a small practice while clogging your arteries. Thank integrity it usually happens once a year. As we can see, that Harvest Supermoon unequivocally influenced adult some memories for me.

Another occurrence happened currently while we was on my morning hike. we indeed saw a Monarch butterfly. It landed in a tree and sat there, all by itself. There were no other monarchs around. Then about dual miles into my walk, another sovereign began drifting forward of me. Those are a usually dual I’ve seen in a prolonged time. It continued drifting a few feet in front of me for about half a mile, as if concomitant me. Then we listened a lorry sound entrance adult behind me on a nation road. “Get out of a way,” my mind shouted during a monarch, though it was too late. It became a hood attire on a pickup. One reduction sovereign will conduct south for a winter.

Under a Harvest Supermoon, we consider of my brief organisation with that sovereign and remember how passing life is. Here one moment, left a next. As a moon disappears behind a coming charge clouds it reminds me that we need to delight any impulse we have, make a best use of a time we have, and don’t worry about eating satisfactory food once in a while.

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