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July 18, 2015 - Supermoon

When a organisation from Greg Elliott’s church designed to stand one of Colorado’s legendary 14,000-foot Rocky Mountain peaks, he motionless to go along. Exhausted by a effort, he had to quit before creation it to a top.

That was several years ago. He had improved success during this year’s Oregon Trail Days towering stand for bicyclists.

“I done it all a approach to a tip though stopping,” he says with pride.

The difference: Three years of walking and towering biking — and losing 136 pounds.

On that initial hike, that helped to get him started on a health query though non-stop a doorway to so most more, “I was still make-up a lot of weight,” he says. He’d already forsaken about 20 pounds during that point, though had surfaced out during 352 pounds. By afterwards he wore 5XL shirts and pants with a 42-inch waist.

On Thursday morning, he weighed 216. He now wears XL shirts and has forsaken 8 inches from his waistline.

When he motionless to make extreme changes in his lifestyle about 5 years ago, he was confronting diagnosis for prostate cancer and scheming for lap-band medicine in an bid to save his health.

“I could frequency travel 8 blocks,” he recalls. Radiation diagnosis took caring of a cancer, and several years of healthy eating and unchanging practice have done a stomach-shrinking medicine unnecessary.

While he’s still losing weight — he’s sharpened for 200 pounds — these days it’s about some-more than only earthy health. Now he wants to speak about sleeping in a hammock underneath starry skies on a roof of western Nebraska and photographing bighorn sheep.

“The beauty and a waste — infrequently we need to bond with yourself and bond with God and do some thinking,” he said.

I met Greg years ago when he worked during a Star-Herald. At 56, he looks younger now than he did then. He’s worked during a Diamond Vogel Paint Center in Scottsbluff for a past 9 years and still spends some of his giveaway time operative on and pushing a batch automobile during a racetrack nearby Gering. But these days his biggest victories are powered by his legs.

After a integrate of years hiking in a towering nation above a valley, he incited to towering biking about a year ago. He started with a pawn-shop indication he bought for $100 though after purchased a high-tech GT towering bike. Since afterwards he’s taken trips of 60 miles or some-more and has ridden his bike to a tip of some of a top buttes in a Wildcat Hills. When he can’t float any farther, he’ll hike. He camped out final tumble on a bluffs above Cedar Canyon during a “super moon.”

“It was so splendid we roughly couldn’t sleep,” he recalls.

He’s depressed defunct to fantastic sunsets, awakened to deer snuffling around his campsite and even ridden past a integrate of rattlesnakes. His additional apparatus includes a hammock for comfort and a 36-power spotting range mounted on a purloin stock. He clips his dungeon phone to it and has prisoner thespian photos of bighorns and sunsets. He’s out there roughly any weekend, year-round.

“There aren’t many of them that we miss,” he says. He takes along his Boston terrier, Hatty May. When she sees him scheming for one of his weekend jaunts, “she starts bouncing off a walls.”

He gets support from his wife, Teresa, who goes along with him on his training rides in town, and from friends who follow his efforts on a amicable networks, holding note as he drops bruise after pound.

“I count it down, and we have a lot of people who hearten me and inspire me,” he says. At Regional West Medical Center, where he still gets a lot of support and counseling, “they call us their ‘rock star’ couple.”

Despite his success, Elliott advises anyone desirous by his story to do research, get recommendation from a alloy and ready good before holding off into a hills on a identical health quest. To conflict a region’s ever-present thorns, he uses puncture-resistant middle tubes, with a second tube separate and wrapped around any one. He always takes along a correct pack and first-aid reserve — and copiousness of water.

“There’s no H2O out there,” he cautions.

Although he’s seen a integrate of rattlesnakes while riding, he says people shouldn’t use a intensity lizard confront as an forgive not to suffer a area’s wildlands.

“You can do that on a pathway,” he says — and sitting around doing zero can be only as deadly.

“Get on a good plan,” he advises. “Get off a couch. That was a categorical thing — we finally motionless to get off a stinking couch.”

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