The fugitive supermoon

September 13, 2014 - Supermoon

The mass email on Monday afternoon to a print staff from a executive of photography review something like this:

“If we find yourself in a good mark during moon rise, we’d adore some good shots of it.”

Up until that impulse we had totally lost about a supermoon, or maybe we had blocked it out after several unsuccessful attempts during photographing it in a past. we consider I’ve done a go during photographing a supermoon any time it’s seemed given I’ve been in Chicago. Each time, since of continue or location, was a sum failure.

So on Monday, we motionless to give it another shot, and we asked my mother if she wanted to go lay atop a parking garage and wait for a moon to rise. we figured if zero else, we’d get to suffer a good continue and beautiful perspective of a skyline. Two hours and half a bag of pistachios later, a moon initial started to look out from behind a buildings. As it rose we looked for things in a forehead that would assistance supplement to a picture. Luckily, a immature statue of a Virgin Mary atop Notre Dame Catholic Church lined adult easily with red moon.

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