The biggest Supermoon in scarcely 70 years is function subsequent week: where and when to watch

November 11, 2016 - Supermoon

DENVER — Are we prepared to demeanour adult during a sky this week and next, Colorado? You improved be, as not one, not two, though 3 astronomical events will take place this Nov — and one of them hasn’t been seen for scarcely 70 years!

Taurid Meteor Shower

Point your camera or improved yet, your telescope and your eyes to a south on Nov. 11, privately toward a constellation Taurus (the bull) for a initial meteor showering of a month. 

You can design to locate 10 to 15 meteors per hour tarnishing by a heavens, according to Scripps continue contributor Jason Meyers.

The moon will be only next a setting by midnight, permitting for optimal observation conditions, depending on cloud cover.

Between 10 to 20 sharpened stars will be manifest per hour in a early morning hours over a easterly horizon, Meyer says.

Rist Canyon nearby Fort Collins: Fort Collins’ Rist Canyon is a good claimant for stargazing. 

Boulder Canyon: Getting divided from a lights in Boulder competence be trickier than it seems, though Boulder Canyon should be a good place to do so. 

Aurora Reservoir: Close to a metro area and picturesque, this plcae is distant adequate divided from Denver and Aurora to see a pleasing meteor showering — so prolonged as clouds cooperate. 


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