The Associated Press is partnering with AMD for some-more practical existence journalism

February 17, 2016 - Supermoon

After relocating into practical existence video broadcasting final year, a Associated Press is partnering with chip builder AMD for a new pull into VR. Today, a companies announced that they’re rising a web portal for AP practical reality, earnest some-more journalistic endeavors shortly — including “lifelike VR environments” built with a assistance of AMD.

Several news outlets have now started producing 360-degree videos, that can be watched by a Google Cardboard headset or a smartphone. The New York Times, which partnered with prolongation residence, offers documentary video about topics like child refugees and a 2016 presidential choosing in a dedicated NYT VR app. Vice has likewise partnered with, and ABC News worked with Jaunt to record a 360-degree chronicle of a debate in North Korea. So far, a AP has partnered with a VR studio called RYOT, whose past work includes a brief film about a Apr 2015 trembler in Nepal.

“I trust that VR … is unequivocally a healthy prolongation of print and video.”

The AP and RYOT’s initial plan together was Seeking Home, that documented life in France’s troubled Calais interloper camp. Seeking Home was initial launched by RYOT’s video app, and a news opening now offers a YouTube playlist of all a 360-degree videos, including footage from a People’s Choice Awards and New York’s Second Avenue Subway. But with this new portal, it’s looking to spin VR into an constituent partial of a coverage. “I trust that VR and 360[-degree video] is unequivocally a healthy prolongation of print and video, only a same as going from black and white to color,” says AP interactive and digital news director Paul Cheung. “We still need two-dimensional photos and videos, though during times, when a knowledge warrants it, afterwards we will get a 360-degree print or a 360-degree video.”

The partnership also lets a AP start operative outward live-action video. Cheung points out that a AP expelled a brief 360-degree visualization of last year’s supermoon, though a AMD partnership will assistance it emanate longer and some-more worldly computer-generated VR. “We see that as an event for AP to do unequivocally good exegetic journalism,” says Cheung of rendered practical reality. “If we were going to furnish it right now, we competence not have all of a technologies to furnish a certain experience.” While a AP’s videos are generally for Google Cardboard, AMD can also assistance with projects for high-end headsets like a Oculus Rift.

AMD, that offers high-powered graphics cards for VR-ready computers, now supports practical existence with a LiquidVR program package. The Associated Press will use a technology, though will be obliged for a editorial side of a operation. As for when we’ll see what a AP does with this partnership, it will be divulgence a “detailed VR news experience” during vaguely tangible “upcoming events.”

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