The 101 Best Night Sky Photos of 2015 by Stargazers

December 23, 2015 - Supermoon

Astrophotographer Adam Woodworth prisoner a star-filled night sky over a beacon in Maine. He writes in an email summary to “I’d been hoping…Read More »

to get a Milky Way shot during Portland Head Light for a integrate of years now, though we never got out there early adequate in a year to constraint a Galactic Center before it was too distant south for this location. we didn’t have a pano[rama] in mind for this creatively though as we was formulation a fire we suspicion I’d give it a try. we haven’t attempted Milky Way panoramas much, and this is is my initial successful one.

“You’ll notice that a print goes from dim on a right to splendid on a left. The shots that make adult this scenery were taken during a start of astronomical twilight, that means that a object was coming a setting (but still about 90 mins divided from sunrise) and tighten adequate that a sparse light brightens a horizon. The heat starts around a area where a object will rise, that is because a middle-left side of a picture is brighter, and afterwards on a distant left it goes into light wickedness from a Portland area and gets really bright. But also, a shots took about 15 minutes, so within that time a progressing shots (I started from a right) would be darker than a after shots as a object was removing closer to a horizon.” Image submitted Mar 2, 2015.   Less «

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