Supermoon’s Comet Lovejoy is a desirable showcase

June 11, 2015 - Supermoon

Comet Lovejoy (Alarum)

Three of a 4 members of Supermoon used to play in a ephemeral internal act Movieland, yet even yet this is a new project, a sound isn’t that most different. Much like Movieland, Supermoon specializes in fun, scrappy indie cocktail in that bubbly ditties are delivered with punk-inspired grit.

Comet Lovejoy is a band’s entrance cassette EP, and opener “Grounded” introduces listeners to a quartet’s brew of saccharine and spicy, as guitarists Katie Gravestock and Alie Lynch broach crunchy chords and balmy roller licks. Meanwhile, bassist Adrienne LaBelle and drummer Selina Crammond whack out boppy rhythms, and a summery melodies are kissed with unreal reverb.

From there, “Tragedy” is an 85-second bubblegum-punk whirlwind with nursery-rhyme-simple melodies, yet a upbeat smoothness belies lyrics that tell of joyless documentaries and romantic repression. “I’ve Been Told” is a transparent standout, a saccharine hooks and burning foam recalling a excellent of a Slumberland Records roster.

The usually misfire comes on “Burnout of My Dreams”, that cribs R.E.M. in a opening verse “This one goes out to a one we love/This one goes out to a one we left behind.” This impulse is expected to make listeners wish to spin off Comet Lovejoy and listen to “The One we Love” instead.

Aside from that, a EP is a desirable showcase of Supermoon’s expansive style; hopefully, this rope sticks around for a lot longer than Movieland.

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