Supermoon will be a singular blue-blood moon: When can we see it in executive Ohio?

January 28, 2018 - Supermoon

COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Early Wednesday morning, Jan. 31, will move a singular provide for skygazers in many tools of a world: It’s a full moon on a night of Jan. 31, and a second one in one calendar month, so it becomes a blue moon by a complicated definition.

It also happens to be a supermoon on Jan. 30-31, definition a full moon is closest to Earth (perigee).

Add to that a sum lunar obscure that will be manifest in some tools of a world, and we have a singular and of events—something like a “super blue blood moon” in reduction than elegant terms.

The plea for executive Ohio viewers will be two-fold: augmenting high clouds during a pre-dawn hours on Wednesday, and a slight window to perspective a prejudiced lunar eclipse, locally.

This will need an unrestricted perspective of a west-northwest before moonset (7:41 a.m.), presumption a sky is especially transparent (which is looking a bit doubtful).  Otherwise, your perspective of a falling moon partly in Earth’s darkest shade (umbra) will be blocked.

In a United States, a best observation (total lunar eclipse) will be in a Western states.

On Jan. 31, a sun, moon and Earth line adult (syzygy), so that Earth’s shade blocks object routinely reflected off a moon.  As light is sparse divided and refracted by a atmosphere during a lunar eclipse, many of a colors are filtered out, withdrawal us with a reddish “blood moon.”

According to, a final sum obscure of a blue moon occurred only after a Civil War epoch in in Mar 1866.  The next blue moon sum lunar obscure will occur in a small some-more than a decade, on Dec. 31, 2028.

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