Supermoon rises over Alvord Desert in southeast Oregon

October 27, 2015 - Supermoon

Want transparent skies in Oct to see a fantastic moonrise in Oregon?

Head to a Alvord Desert in Harney County, like we did.

The central supermoon occurs on Tuesday, though Monday evening’s moonrise was scarcely full and it came early adequate in a dusk to see a landscape over that a moon rose.

In this case, that would be a Coyote Hills and Alvord Desert, from only above Frog Spring on a easterly side of Steens Mountain, about 120 miles southeast of Burns.

Time of a print was 5:59 p.m. This is a final time this year a moon will pass tighten adequate in a circuit to Earth to be called a supermoon. The materialisation creates it demeanour generally large, and so bright, generally during a horizon.

I wish this creates adult for September’s supermoon.

I had to expostulate about one mile south on Fields-Follyfarm Road to get ATT wireless use to record this report, reduction than an hour after holding a photo.

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