SUPERMOON LIVE: Rare Harvest Moon to light adult autumn skies

October 5, 2014 - Supermoon

Although a Harvest Moon is customarily compared with a autumn, this year’s is technically a final full moon of a summer season.

While astronomers are preoccupied by their singular appearances, for some a supermoons move with them fears of baleful disasters.

The lunar events have been related to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and harmful tidal waves including a Boxing Day tsunami of 2004.

A inauspicious trembler ripped open a belligerent underneath Indonesia before a supermoon, strictly called a perigee moon, seemed on Jan 10, 2005. It was followed by a harmful tsunami.

Only final month a supermoon remade a tides of a Qiantang River in China into a harmful beast stream – with waves reaching heights of over 11ft.

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