Supermoon-inspired S. Carey EP to recover in February

December 10, 2014 - Supermoon

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Wednesday Dec. 10th, 2014


Supermoon-inspired S. Carey EP to recover in February

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by Eric Christenson photos by Andrea Paulseth

During final August’s supermoon – a astronomical materialisation where any dozen or so full moons is additional large – many people took to their telescopes to see it, their backyards to revelry in it, or their amicable media feeds to not close adult about it.

But not Sean Carey, man! Instead, a singer-songwriter and Bon Iver multi-instrumentalist used a additional vigour change in a Earth’s lunar pivot (I literally have no thought what I’m articulate about) as impulse and took to a studio to record his just-announced Supermoon EP to recover on Feb. 17, 2015.

The EP includes a code new lane called “Supermoon,” a Radiohead cover, and dual re-worked versions of songs from any of his LPs (2010’s All We Grow and this year’s Range Of Light).

“The longer we spend with a song, a some-more we can see it in a pristine form,” Carey pronounced in a EP’s press materials.

“You can hear Carey’s exhale between difference and a pat of his fingers on a keys; we can hear a vital room in that his family’s baby grand piano sits,” a presser reads. “These songs are beautiful, insinuate and so potently personal.”

Carey will conduct out to debate a manuscript by a array of insinuate vital room shows this Feb around a south and West Coast. Sadly, a closest dates to a Chippewa Valley are Feb. 5 in Des Moines, Feb. 6 in St. Louis, and Feb. 7 in Kansas City.

Hear a choice chronicle of Range track, “Neverending Fountain” below, pleasantness of Jagjaguwar. You can pre-order a EP on iTunes or via Secretly Canadian Distribution, and when we do, we can squeeze an present grat download of a song.

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