Supermoon in sky Saturday night

August 30, 2015 - Supermoon

If skies are transparent adequate where we are, be certain to check out tonight’s “Supermoon!”

Tonight’s full moon is a initial of this year’s 3 full supermoons. It’s a full moon nearby perigee, or nearby a closest indicate to Earth for a month. Like it or not, complicated skylore dictates that these sorts of moons are called supermoons. The moon tonight is about 50,000 kilometers — or 31,000 miles — closer to Earth than during a apogee, or farthest indicate from Earth.

But will your eye see that a moon is bigger tonight? Well … it depends. Are we an impossibly clever observer? Have we watched a full moon over a duration of months heading adult to now? If so, we might be means to discern a extra-large distance of a supermoon regulating only your exposed eye.

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