Supermoon in Australia’s skies in Jul 2014

April 17, 2017 - Supermoon

The moon will seem bigger this weekend as it approaches Earth during a closest indicate of a elliptical orbit.

Twitter user Astrid Dux ‏@AstridRory tweeted this print of a supermoon over Sydney on Saturday, Jul 14. Picture: Twitter.

Source: The Age

For those who missed a supermoon on Saturday, Jul 12, a moon will seem roughly as vast on Sunday night.

The supermoon shone over Australia on Saturday night, appearing bigger and bolder than common as it approached a Earth during a closest indicate of a elliptical orbit.

Perry Vlahos from a Astronomical Society of Victoria pronounced people should find an east-facing mark to best perspective a moon after it rises during 6.20pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

‘‘What people need to do is to find a mark that has a transparent setting towards a easterly – no trees, no buildings in a way,’’ Mr Vlahos said.

‘‘They need to be means to see right down a horizon.

‘‘Any east-facing beaches along a brook are good spots – anywhere that gives we a good setting to a east.”

Mr Vlahos pronounced during a closest, a moon was about 353,000 kilometres from a Earth.