Supermoon picture goes into media orbit

November 12, 2015 - Supermoon

Chris Pegman's picture display a supermoon in a Warkworth radio telescope has been noticed some-more than 2 million times. Image / Chris Pegman
Chris Pegman’s picture display a “supermoon” in a Warkworth radio telescope has been noticed some-more than 2 million times. Image / Chris Pegman

It started as a visible wisecrack involving a moon, a radio telescope and bit of Photoshopping – though it incited into an internet strike with some-more than 2 million views and counting.

Kerikeri male Chris Pegman’s common hobby is astro-photography, capturing a night sky in hugely minute breathtaking images.

Last Friday, however, he was carrying a bit of fun with a integrate of photos. One was a night scenery of a radio telescope during Warkworth, taken final year for an online print challenge; a other was a shot of a “supermoon” – when a moon is during a closest indicate to a Earth, creation it looker bigger than common – taken from Kerikeri a few months ago.

He total a dual so a moon was resting ideally in a radio plate and, chuckling to himself, uploaded a outcome to his Flickr page and an online print foe called 500px. A few hours after a crony called to contend his print had left viral.

Someone had posted it on Imgur, a photo-sharing site. From there, someone else had posted it on Reddit. The picture afterwards popped adult on Twitter and a raft of Facebook pages, including one dedicated to all things Warkworth.

As of yesterday, Mr Pegman’s combination print had been noticed some-more than 2.18 million times on Imgur alone.

It also sparked discuss about either a picture had been Photoshopped (it has) and either it would be probable to emanate a picture though Photoshop (the outcome was that it competence be, though it would need an implausible volume of planning.)

Mr Pegman was gay it had valid so renouned and is now “chasing his tail” perplexing to insert his name to an picture that was stability to greaten opposite a internet.

It showed that anything posted online was probable to be stolen, he said.

“I was only carrying fun … we didn’t realize a gem I’d created.”

The radio telescope picture was taken on a Canon 6D with a 24m lens and consists of 3 photos stitched together. The supermoon was shot with a 70-200mm lens.

Step-by-step beam to formulating an internet sensation

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