Supermoon Conjure Light and Dark With ‘Witching Hour’

April 12, 2016 - Supermoon

Supermoon, a Vancouver-based 4 square incorporating members from local bands Movieland and Pups, strike a forever ethereal change between passionate surf-pop and foresight punk. 2015’s Comet Lovejoy EP was a band’s initial release, a 6 marks substantiating their rhythm-driven, ethereal code of rock. In gripping with a group’s vast themes, they now return with “Witching Hour,” a latest singular off of a arriving double 7-inch Playland, due May 20 around Mint Records. The dim theme matter of a lane becomes vaporous by poppy guitars and unimportant percussion, with light, melodic vocals trilling: “His face went dim in a object / He pronounced a Witching Hour would come.”

Stream a lane below, and preorder Playland here.

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