Super Moon Pictures 2015

February 20, 2015 - Supermoon

Clear your dusk plans: tonight we will knowledge a supermoon. But it’s no typical supermoon. It’s a black supermoon.

Supermoons seem additional vast from an earthling’s viewpoint since a new moon occurs when it’s closest to Earth. What’s a black moon, we ask? Disappointingly, it’s not indeed black. The name refers to a second new moon in a month or a third in a deteriorate with 4 new moons, as in this case.

As IFL Science puts it: “Find yourself a plcae with a good western horizon. Watch for it as a object is environment and afterwards make certain we hang around as a sky darkens. Mars and Venus will be low in a west and tighten adequate that they can fit in a margin of perspective of many binoculars.”

While we wait for tonight’s show, check out cinema from last year’s beautiful supermoons.

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