Super Moon In Gemini: Embracing The Facts

January 10, 2017 - Supermoon

There will be a Full Moon in Gemini on Dec 12th-13th. Like new ones, this Full Moon will be closer to Earth and has been personal as a ‘Supermoon.’ It will be occurring during a rise of a Geminid meteor shower. However, a liughtness will severely revoke a prominence of a meteors.

In astrological practice, meteor showers are frequency interpreted and mostly simply ignored. This is partly given they occur annually during a same time of year. However, if a meteor showering is peaking during an astrologically poignant occurrence like a Full Moon, maybe it might supplement a small bit of specialness to that impulse in time.

Mercury will be going opposing on Dec 19th, though is now in a pre-shadow period. Some will already be seeing some of a disrupting effects or problems with communication and technology, or maybe with other things violation down. Events, actions, or developments that have been personification out around Dec will go by a proviso of possibly adjusting or testing, or will be viewed differently over a entrance month.

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Full Moon in Gemini Opposite Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius, in a T-Square With Chiron

fm-gem-formatted-embossed-smallerFor a prior 3 weeks heading adult to this Full Moon, a Sun has been in Sagittarius. For some people this has been a time in that we have been exploring and/or pity a perspectives, beliefs, and opinions. This can be a time of increasing certainty and confidence, though this could lead to overdoing, overindulging, and overspending, as good as holding chances though regulating caution.

The Full Moon occurring in Sagittarius’ conflicting pointer of Gemini can assistance us to change out any overly Sagittarian tendencies. Gemini is about looking during a contribution and details, and holding into comment what is right in front of us or can be immediately accessed. It is also some-more peaceful to demeanour during opposite perspectives as against to a potentially peremptory Sagittarian energy.

Saturn is also conjunct a Sun in Sagittarius, as this, along with a Full Moon, is in a T-Square with Chiron. The Sun assimilated Saturn 4 days before this Full Moon and brought along a some-more critical or limiting tinge to confident Sun in Sagittarius. In multiple with Chiron, this is bringing adult some of a wounds, blockages, and disastrous patterns, that could be associated to things we have been experiencing given Sep that were triggered by a final Lunar Eclipse.

One phenomenon of this appetite has been a new oil brief in North Dakota that occurred near Standing Rock. The protests started holding figure in early Oct after events that had transpired in September.

Uranus, Mars, and Jupiter in Harmonious Aspects With This Full Moon and Saturn

fm-gem-2016-chartFirst let’s demeanour during Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Aries. Both of these planets are in any other’s signs, as Mars is a ruler of Aries and Uranus is a sub-ruler of Aquarius. They are in a sextile aspect with any other around a Full Moon. This can be about reporting ourselves collectively and/or with a destiny in mind, and maybe formed on creation or even series in some cases.

Jupiter in Libra in tie with this wants to enhance in relationships, partnerships, and/or doing what is considerate, balanced, just, and fair. However, Jupiter is relocating toward an antithesis to Uranus that is joining a block to Pluto in Capricorn. There can be a plea here between wanting to insurgent and/or deliberation one’s possess interests over what is satisfactory or expanded for both parties.

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Uranus here can also indicate that remarkable changes or surprises have arisen that might have combined challenges, though are also assisting us. Pluto in Capricorn in some cases can mean power struggles, though can support us in cleansing or transforming what isn’t operative for us. It could be associated to a ambitions, careers, and structures, as good as a approach we conduct resources.

Things To Consider During This Period

What has come adult in your life within a prior week heading adult to this Full Moon? Identify any large challenges, blocks, shadows that have flush in this duration that might be connected to things that have occurred, surfaced, or instituted between mid-late September. 

Whatever it is that we have been experiencing, this is an event to learn from it to assistance we pierce brazen as a improved chronicle of yourself. In certain cases their could even be some breakthroughs to potentially assistance us pierce over stipulations that could have occured already or in a days following this Full Moon.

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