Super Moon and super waves are due

October 8, 2016 - Supermoon

Contrary to what an venerable Senator pronounced a while ago, we unequivocally do know what causes tides (it’s a moon), and we can even envision them .

On Nov. 14 we will knowledge a so called “Super Moon”, during that time a moon will be closer to a earth than it has been given 1948, presumption a sky is transparent it will be a brightest full moon in many of a lives. Perhaps some-more importantly a waves on a 15th will be unusually high. If we should have a low vigour section or if we have a poignant sleet we can design some flooding. Unlike so many of a domestic facts, this will occur either we select to trust it or not.

Downtown Olympia has gifted utterly a few floods by a years, that is because a Little Hollywood waves flats became Capitol Lake and subsequently because a dam was built. Without them we would be distant some-more disposed to flooding each King Tide, that occur each year.

The lake and a dam were built for several reasons, steady flooding being high on a list. Like New Orleans, most of Olympia is during or next sea level. Before a authorities confirm healthy is best maybe they should cruise what healthy looks like around here, very, really wet. Unless we pierce a city these are a conditions we live with, best wishes won’t change embankment or tides though a good confirmed lake and dam will keep us from being submerged.

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