Sun, snow, a super moon and a shit solar eclipse: London’s year in weather

December 28, 2015 - Supermoon

Ah, a continue – that failsafe subject that we can always strech for when stranded in a lift with your terrifying trainer or when faced with an ungainly run-in on a tube. London continue gets a bad repute for being mostly grey and rainy, though certainly it can’t have rained all year? To give we some ammunition for any conversational lulls we face in a gratifying season, we’re looking behind during London’s many impassioned continue in 2015. 

As if there weren’t adequate reasons to feel grouchy in January, Londoners were tough finished by on a sleet front too. There was a brief flurry of a white things though you’d have been hard-pushed to get even one snowball out of it.

Much like January, Feb was especially cold and uneventful on a continue front. But it all kicked off in Mar when London had a initial solar obscure for 14 years. Londoners energetically fashioned their temporary pinhole projectors and were prepared to soak adult a thespian views of a eclipse, though it turns out all we got was this:

No, that design isn’t holding ages to bucket – that unsatisfactory mass of grey extinction unequivocally was it. But during slightest it gave us all something to speak about, eh? Here’s another glorious pic, since we’re certain we can’t get adequate of these gorgeous views:

In May, a continue started fighting back. Londoners were only walking around, minding their possess business, when gusts of breeze started unexpectedly flinging uncanny spiky stuff into a ubiquitous direction. Sounds unpleasant, no? Well, it was. But we got to a bottom of it and found out that those annoying craft trees were to blame.

Things started picking adult in summer – and a object indeed came out, like, properly. The hottest day of a year was in July, when temperatures reached a toasty 36.7C and, predictably, Londoners collectively mislaid their minds.

Most people spent a heatwave sweating openly inside their feeble atmosphere conditioned offices, though for everybody else it was LIDO TIME. Shame they all had a same idea.


Freelance apocalypse

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The sun’s out and so are a masses!! Feeling beholden for my quick lane membership this morning, I’ve never seen a reserve like it here before! #londonfieldslido #tritraining #swim #sunshine #swimming #londontriathlon

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But like all good things, a heatwave eventually came to an to end. Just days after a hottest day of a year, London’s skies erupted with a mega storm, that was no fun if we were held outward though a brolly – though a cinema looked ace:

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