Stunning cinema uncover a changing state of a moon over London skyline

February 16, 2016 - Supermoon

From September’s supermoon rising to a pretentious lunar eclipse, photographer James Burns captures some of a many monumental states of a moon over London.

His Lunar London plan emerged after several evenings of photographing a capital’s skyline led to a fibre of possibility encounters with a moon.

“I had a flourishing mindfulness with how we could constraint it in a same approach we had been a sharpened a rising and environment object for some years”, James told a Evening Standard.

“2015 was a propitious year for moongazing in London. Despite cloud cover opposite many of Europe, September’s supermoon lunar problematic was manifest in ideally transparent skies over London and was an illusory fun to behold.”


The photographer says there is a lot of formulation and credentials that goes into a lunar fire – from removing a timing only right to anticipating a location. 

“My initial care after a continue is where a sun/moon will arise relations to my location”, he says. “In sequence to align a astronomical bodies with London’s iconic structures and landmarks, my plcae has to count on this information if we wish to emanate a many distinguished and surreal combination possible.”

The subsequent step in a routine is to arrange entrance to a plcae that appears to line adult many precisely with for example, a moon’s rising indicate and St Paul’s Cathedral.”

Thankfully, James says that over a march of a 10 year career as an architectural and landscape photographer, he has a grown a good network of clients and partnerships so rooftop entrance can be organised when needed. 


Despite all a best laid skeleton however, a rising/setting moon can still be intensely fugitive to glance opposite London’s horizon.

“As everybody knows, when a cloud is of sufficient thickness, it will problematic a object though a moon is even some-more exposed to being vaporous due to it’s comparatively low brightness”, James says.

Having pronounced that, it is infrequently a participation of a ‘right type’ of cloud that brings some acquire combined play to a stage so we contingency always take your chances and make it to location.”

James says that he is anticipating 2016 brings us as many pleasing night skies as 2015 did.

‘Lunar London’ is an ongoing plan that we can follow around a London from a Rooftops Twitter, Facebook or Instagram pages. 

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