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Supermoon’s strain taps into a inner conflict between eternal confidence and a splash of pessimism. The band’s music, that is self-described as capricious pop, sounds many like a soundtrack to an halcyon day spent indoors, with beachy instrumentals (best listened on singles “Witching Hour” and “Bottleships”) that sound like The Beach Boys on a bad child lady bender. Soft and sugar-coated vocals mostly compare a bubbly cocktail production, but in a blink of eye, by a finish of many marks a vocals are fighting opposite exaggeration and grungy guitar riffs. Vocal, as good as songwriting, duties are common among a 4 members yet a trade offs are neglected — Supermoon is a well-spoken operating, strain creation machine.

Multi-instrumentalist Alie Lynch tells Consequence of Sound, “Playland  is a genuine Ocean’s 11 intrigue in that we any move a bit of a possess graphic thing to a organisation though all those things finish adult operative unequivocally cohesively. Also it’s gonna make us rich. Just kidding, no one gets abounding these days.”

Lynch is also deeply wakeful of a sonic waver that Supermoon’s listeners are on. She tells CoS, “Also, like Ocean’s 11, there’s some beguilement involved. Lots of it [PlaylandI] seems like it’s gonna be a few good cocktail tunes though afterwards subsequent thing we know you’re conference a uncanny drum relapse or lyrics about how all intrigue is fatuous so we might as good container it in and go home. We have some splendid overtones with some dim undertones. Also, like Matt Damon’s impression when he’s sanctimonious to be on a Nevada Gaming Commission, we’re all flattering nervous.”

From a record’s entrancing opening lane (“Night Division”) to a final (“Fast Fashion”), the entire listening knowledge is like being blissfully blindfolded. Unsure of where any strain will go, Playland is an journey for your ears. Hm, how reasonably titled.

Playland will be available tomorrow, May 20th from Mint Records. A double 7-inch can be purchased here. Until then, tide a whole manuscript below.

Playland Tracklist:
01. Night Division
02. Witching Hour
03. If You Say So
04. Bottleships
05. Stories we Tell Ourselves about Ourselves
06. Unsaid
07. Secrets in a Small Town
08. Fast-Fashion

Playland Artwork:


Supermoon 2016 Tour Dates:
05/19 – Vancouver, BC @ The Astoria
05/20 – Vancouver, BC @ CiTR *
05/21 – Olympia, WA @ The Track House
05/22 – Portland, OR @ Annares Infoshop
05/23 – Eugene, OR @ Old Nick’s
05/24 – San Francisco, CA @ The Knockout
05/25 – Provo, UT @ Studio Studio Dada
05/26 – Las Vegas, NV @ Bunkhouse Saloon
05/27 – Palm Springs, CA @ The Ace Hotel ^
05/28 – Los Angeles, CA @ Ham Eggs Tavern
05/29 – Santa Cruz, CA @ TBA
05/31 – Portland, OR @ Valentine’s
06/01 – Seattle, WA @ Kraken #
06/02 – Victoria, BC @ The Fountain House
06/03 – Vancouver, BC @ Toast Collective (Music Waste Festival)

* = in-studio w/ Femconcept 1:00-2:00 PM PT
^ = w/ DJ Howie Pyro
# = w/ Ramona, Fair Lady, Listen Lady