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June 27, 2017 - Supermoon

Take a bow, North Grandview-Woodland: you’ve been crowned B.C.’s collateral of cool.

That eminence was recently anointed by SOCAN (the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) and formed on a volume of new members who assimilated a artists’ classification final year.

Seven of a tip 10 artistic corners in B.C. are located within Vancouver, and a list is damaged down by postal formula prefix. Thirty-two SOCAN newbies were accounted for in a V5L final year, while executive (V6K) and western (V6R) Kits dull out a tip three.

“We know many cities honour themselves on their enlightenment and a volume of song that’s being played — it’s kind of like bragging rights,” pronounced SOCAN orator Andrew Berthoff. “It’s anecdotal though we can ascertain from this investigate that a cold cause goes adult in those places.”

North Grandview-Woodland was a sole community outward of Toronto or Montreal to make a same tip 10 list, though on a inhabitant scale. The East Van hood placed sixth in a Canada-wide context.

SOCAN’s membership hovers somewhere around 150,000, and Berthoff did see some trends come to bear during a number-crunching process. And surprise, surprise, musicians tend to group towards a many affordable areas of a given town.

“We see that opposite a nation and there are parallels, though we can’t scientifically ascertain a causes of it,” he said. “That together with a cold cause is that non musicians tend to wish to pierce there and it becomes a renouned place to live. Then it becomes unaffordable for song creators, musicians and artists of all kinds. And afterwards a cold cause kind of goes down.”

Katie Gravestock, guitarist for Mint Records recording artists Supermoon, can demonstrate to that cross-town migration. Over a final 12 years she’s watched her song and artist friends make their approach from Main Street easterly towards their stream digs in North Grandview-Woodland. Gravestock and dual of her Supermoon bandmates live in a vaunted V5L, mostly since of a relations affordability.

“A lot of my friends who are musicians wish to do song full time though we only can’t since it’s so tough to make income these days. We all have mixed jobs,” she said. “I’ve really beheld a high thoroughness of musicians in a area and there are lots of operation spaces.”

The SOCAN investigate is a society’s initial try during sifting by a numbers to see where their members are popping up. In total, roughly 500 members live in North Grandview-Woodland, while around 400 call Kitsilano home.

“The subordinate advantages of musicians being there is that they are partial a scene, and that creates mercantile value since of that cold factor,” Berthoff said. “It becomes a fascinating place to live for a lot of first-time buyers or even second-time buyers. They wish to be tighten to a movement and a fun in a city.”

SOCAN tip 10 areas in B.C with a many new songwriters, composers and song publishers:

1.    North Grandview-Woodland, Vancouver (Postal formula prefix V5L)

2.    Central Kitsilano/ Greektown, Vancouver (V6K)

3.    West Kitsilano/ West Point Grey/ Jericho, Vancouver (V6R)

4.    Nanaimo (south) (V9R)

5.    East Fairview/ South Cambie, Vancouver (V5Z)

6.    Delta (Southwest), Vancouver (V4M)

7.    Coquitlam (South) (V3K)

8.    NW West End/ Stanley Park, Vancouver (V6G)

9.    NW Shaughnessy/ East Kitsilano/ Quilchena, Vancouver (V6J)

10.  East Mount Pleasant, Vancouver (VST)








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