State Fair steals and grill controversies tip 10 many renouned stories of 2014

December 29, 2014 - Supermoon

Editor’s note: Another year has come and gone, so we are looking behind on a most-read CultureMap stories of 2014 — from a State Fair to a supermoon sighting, among many other noted — if not wholly pleasing — moments.

1. How to get each bonus probable for State Fair of Texas 2014. The State Fair of Texas started a 24-day run during Fair Park on Sep 26. Smart fairgoers wanted down any and all discounts to save a small income — and there was no necessity of bargains.

2. The 10 best new patios in Dallas to splash and sup outdoors. Smart restaurateurs incorporate a square into their building skeleton whenever possible, since Dallas has a continue to suffer it via many of a year. Back in March, holding into care a new places that had sprouted adult around town, we came adult with a list of a best new patios. RIP, Belly Trumpet.

3. Logo for Yum! Brands banh mi grill angers Vietnamese community. On Sep 12, Yum! Brands non-stop a new Banh Shop with a heading that featured a name of a grill set opposite a five-pointed red star — a pitch for communism — that influenced hapless memories from those of Vietnamese descent. Yum! responded to a debate fast and introduced a new star-less logo by a finish of a month.

4. Beaten by White Rock’s entitled parents, Cane Rosso fills in square fountain. After some-more than a year of struggle, Cane Rosso White Rock filled in a copper-lined fountain on a square this past August. The fire-and-water underline was a centerpiece of a patio, though it fast became a health jeopardy as unsupervised children threw in rocks and dirt, or else climbed into a water, some wearing diapers.

5. Deep Ellum rocked by contingent of unhappy deaths. Back in June, an hapless trilogy of deaths strike Deep Ellum when 3 obvious regulars died within a same week, including punk-rock musician and song partner Brian Alguire, simply identified by his heading mohawk; Scott Lastowski, a 39-year-old maestro bartender; and his crony David Rell, 51, a longtime song fan who worked during Blockbuster Distribution.

6. Edgefest 2014 lineup goes kindly with Beck and Avett Brothers. In February, 102.1 KDGE-FM announced a lineup for a 24th annual song fest, that was hold Apr 26 during Toyota Stadium in Frisco. The full list enclosed 14 bands, and a altogether vibe seemed consistently peaceful — from a Avett Brothers’ roots stone to a electropop of Smallpools. It was really some-more mellow compared to before lineups.

7. Five best Dallas neighborhoods to buy a residence right now. Some areas, like a Park Cities and Lakewood, will never cold down. But we were extraordinary about a subsequent prohibited neighborhoods — where a home prices are still affordable, a amenities are abundant and a values are firm to go up. To find out, we asked internal genuine estate experts where homebuyers should deposit their hard-earned money.

8. The go-to list of each prohibited Dallas grill opening for tumble 2014 and beyond. To prove Dallas foodies who like to stay on tip of all a grill openings, we devised this list behind in October. It began with restaurants that were possibly newly non-stop or are opening soon, and it finished with those entrance in 2015.

9. Kung Fu Saloon once again slammed by allegations of extremist policies. In May, DeAndre Upshaw, who is black, was denied entrance to Kung Fu Saloon in Uptown Dallas since he was told his high-top Converse sneakers were “against a dress code.” The bouncer’s matter was puzzling, since several members of Upshaw’s celebration were wearing identical shoes. The usually difference? They were white. This was not a initial time Kung Fu Saloon was indicted of resourceful dress formula enforcement, and a occurrence stirred a peaceful protest, a revealing of Kung Fu’s “secret” dress formula and an investigation by a City of Dallas.

10. Meteor splits in dual over moonstruck Dallas sky. A meteor crossed a sky over North Texas on Jul 12 during 9 pm, fascinating many around Dallas who watched as it separate into dual before a unavoidable fade. Many were already examination a sky to locate what was a initial perigee moon, aka Supermoon, of 2014.

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