Stargazers’ delight: Lunar eclipse, comet, and ‘Snow Moon’ in one implausible night

February 10, 2017 - Supermoon

Stargazers are in for a triple treat: Friday night will underline a form of lunar eclipse, a Full Snow Moon, and even a comet. 

You’ve expected listened of a “supermoon,” when a full moon appears brighter than common since it’s closer to Earth. Friday night, something opposite will happen, in effect. The full moon will be darker.

That’s since a Earth’s healthy satellite will knowledge something called a penumbral eclipse. A full lunar obscure happens when a Earth is right in between a object and a moon, casting a shade onto a moon. In a penumbral eclipse, it’s only a corner of a Earth’s shade (the penumbra) that ends adult on a moon, definition a moon should only seem to be a small darker on one side. (The full, dim partial of a shade is called a umbra.)

This materialisation will be during a limit during 7:43 tonight, EST, according to The best place will be a eastern side of a U.S. If we are outward and in a dim area during that time, demeanour adult to a easterly and check a moon for shading. Don’t worry, that’s not an visitor spaceship casting a shade on a moon. It’s only a possess planet.

Because it’s February, a full moon is also called a Full Snow Moon, according to a tradition.


Finally, there’s a immature comet mountainous past Earth, and on Feb 11, it’ll be closest to us— nonetheless still over 7 million miles away. But don’t aria your eyes. A telescope or binoculars are essential to glance this comet, called 45P, as EarthSky explains. suggests looking west in a evening, after a object goes down, if we wish to try to see it.

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