Should we plant vegetables by phases of a moon? Dan Gill’s mailbag

May 1, 2017 - Supermoon


QUESTION: we was wondering when to plant beans. I’m endangered with a moon phase. I’ve listened that for above-ground crops, seeds should be planted on an swelling or waxing moon, and for below-ground crops, we plant seed on a loss moon. Do we establish with this? If not how do we establish when is a best time to plant seeds? — Bob Simon

ANSWER: Science has never been means to uncover a transparent attribute between a proviso of a moon when a unfeeling is planted and how good it eventually produces. Think about it this way. The food on your list was grown by farmers who have no regard whatsoever what proviso a moon is in when they plant. They plant formed on a correct deteriorate or time of year, a weather, when they wish to collect and other factors, not on a proviso of a moon. Their family’s income depends on how prolific their crops are. We always find copiousness of food during a supermarket any time we wish it, so a farmers contingency be doing something right. They don’t, however, rest on a moon to tell them when to plant, and conjunction should you.

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