Shine On, Harvest Supermoon: How to See It in a Sky or Online

September 9, 2014 - Supermoon

Say farewell to summer — and to this year’s array of “supermoons” — by looking for Monday night’s bigger-than-usual full moon in a sky, or on a arrangement shade nearby you.

This is deliberate a supermoon since a full proviso occurs during 9:38 p.m. ET, not prolonged after a moon passes during a closest indicate in a circuit around Earth. That creates it several commission points bigger and brighter than a normal full moon. A identical conditions was in outcome for a full moons of Jul and August. In fact, last month’s supermoon was a many super of a year’s full moons.

Monday’s full moon, however has an additional explain to fame. It’s famous as a “Harvest Moon” since of a standing as a full moon closest to a Northern Hemisphere’s autumnal equinox on Sept. 22. The tradition is that a splendid moon helps light a approach for farmers bringing in their crops late into a dusk — and if light unequivocally does make any difference, a harvesters only competence conclude this year’s super glow.

Bob Berman, an astronomer compared with a Slooh practical observatory, says a Harvest Moon ranks as a year’s many famous full moon. “Yet it’s bathed in parable and misconception, even but all a additional ‘supermoon’ business,” he said in a statement.

Berman and Slooh horde Geoff Fox will excavate into a misconceptions and a marvels surrounding a Harvest Supermoon during a webcast starting during 9:30 p.m. ET Monday. There’ll be live video views from locations around North America, and from Slooh’s robo-telescope in a Canary Islands. The uncover can be seen around Slooh’s website or LiveStream. Viewers can ask questions during a uncover by regulating a Twitter hashtag #SloohSupermoon.

Image: Supermoon vs. Mini-moonThe Weather Channel

Even yet supermoons aren’t all that most bigger than run-of-the-mill full moons, a arise provides a good forgive for creation a to-do over moongazing.

If a weather’s clear, there are dual strategies for supermoon-watching. One is to wait until midnight, when your observation plcae is during a smallest stretch from a moon. The other is to locate steer of a moon only after it clears a eastern horizon, when a “moon illusion” outcome is during a peak. This online calculator from tells we when moonrise occurs in your area, and a Clear Sky Chart shows a forecasts for sky conditions.

For centuries, experts have debated since a moon looks bigger when it’s low in a sky. Some contend it’s since a smarts are connected to review a distance of a moon with lost objects on a horizon. Others contend it has to do with a approach we understand clouds as they pierce from a setting to directly overhead. Either way, a low-slung moon with human objects in a forehead creates for a prettier picture.

Pictures can be a best partial of a supermoon experience. If we snap a super picture of a supermoon, greatfully share it with us: Just use a hashtag #NBCSupermoon on Twitter or Instagram, or pass it along regulating NBC News’ FirstPerson photo-upload website. We’ll share a preference of a best supermoon shots in a destiny posting.

For still some-more supermoon views, check out a cinema that are already being posted to’s picture gallery.

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