September supermoon: Your pictures

September 11, 2014 - Supermoon

Astronomers and photographers have been out in their droves around a universe holding images of a final supermoon of 2014.

A supermoon is so described since it appears bigger and brighter than common due to a vicinity to a earth. The materialisation is also famous as a “perigee full moon”.

Since this supermoon occurs in September, it is also categorised as a “harvest moon”. This is since it is a full moon closest to a autumnal equinox of 22 September.

BBC News website readers and BBC fans on Twitter have been promulgation in their images taken over a past few days.

Supermoon in Suffolk

Chris Carroll-Davis took his dual immature sons adult to a cemetery during St Mary’s Church in Pakenham, Suffolk, UK, to see a moon. He said: “It was accessible as they were means to keep a motion-activated lights going in a churchyard that illuminated a corner of a gravestone.”

Supermoon in Kuwait

Ali Basil took several cinema of a supermoon on Monday in Kuwait.

Supermoon in West Midlands

Ian Garfield in a West Midlands, UK said: “The final supermoon of a year, a collect moon tonight looked flattering spectacular. Quite a comfortable glow, signalling a finish of a summer.”

Moon in Turkey

Ikbal Hardal took this design in Manisa, Turkey of a collect moon. He common it with his friends and supporters on Twitter where he tweets regulating a hoop @ikbalhardal. He described it as a “smoking moon”.

Pilots with a supermoon

Back in a UK, a organisation of NPAS Barton (the Greater Manchester Police Air Support Unit) common this design on their Twitter tide of a collect moon noticed from their mark high in a sky.

Moon in Saudi Arabia

Mohammed Mousa, who tweets during @M_Albuhayri, contacted a BBC about his design to say: “I took it from my little encampment of Seqaren in a southwest of Saudi.”

Fingers creation a heart figure around a moon

Rachel Stewart made a moon seem rather regretful when she took this print while out with friends in Cippenham, UK late on Tuesday.

Moon in US

Carolyn G Anderson took this design of a collect moon peering by a trees in her behind garden in St Joseph, Minnesota, USA.

Moon over Mount Maunganui, New Zealand

Dermott McCaughan used his phone to take this design of a supermoon over Mount Maunganui, New Zealand.

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