September full moon will be a ‘super moon’, and a sum lunar eclipse

September 13, 2015 - Supermoon

Two weeks from tonight we’ll be treated to both a full moon during perigee, AKA “super moon”, and a sum lunar eclipse, AKA “blood moon“.  It will also be a Harvest Moon for 2015.

While we might need to wait dual weeks to feast on a subsequent full moon, tonight is a good night to see stars.  The crescent moon will set during 7:38 pm, definition there will be no reflected light from a moon to meddle with he stars and all their brilliance.

Two weeks ago we went to Crater Lake to fire a rising moon during perigee, yet clouds were too unenlightened to see it rising.  Later they cleared, so we took a few time exposures to uncover how light can have an addition outcome on a DSLR sensor.

A 30 second time bearing turns a night perspective for a tellurian eye into a sketch that appears to have been shot during daylight. The gallery above contains a few such images, as good a integrate of photos of stars and a Milky Way photographed during a crescent moon. 

Between now and Sep 27 demeanour for Terry Richard’s column of several good places to go see a “super moon” outward of Portland. we devise to fire a lunar obscure here in town.  

The moon will arise 3 mins before sunset, so there will be small ambient light to sketch any forehead but overexposing a moon.  Still, this lunar obscure can be noticed early in a evening, with assemblage function during 7:47 pm, scarcely an hour after rising.

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