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March 8, 2018 - Supermoon

Jessie Baylin knew something was adult when she was recording Strawberry Wind, her stirring children’s album, out Apr 27th. Her aged Levi jeans were starting to get a small cosy as she laid down marks with writer Richard Swift, and shortly she found out that a open would find her birthing not customarily a new LP, yet also a new baby. Though it wasn’t a plan, being profound while recording an manuscript done for kids – yet one adults can simply suffer – is a ideal sequence of events for an artist gallant to put her motherhood on full arrangement in her work.

“It’s a law of my life right now,” Baylin tells Rolling Stone Country about motherhood – she and her husband, Nathan Followill of Kings of Leon, are also relatives to a four-year-old girl, Violet. “It feels unequivocally healthy to speak about, and something we should be articulate about. we got profound by a routine [of creation a album], and it feels like boundless timing. we don’t wish [motherhood] to totally conclude me, since we felt like a summary was some-more vast, yet once we started essay these songs, it was, ‘oh this is accurately what needs to be function for me. we can possess all of this and get behind it completely.'”

What creates Strawberry Wind opposite is that it approaches children’s strain in a approach that trusts kids to be some-more mature than we give them credit for, and lets adults be some-more dainty than customarily permitted. Songs like “Supermoon,” premiering exclusively on Rolling Stone Country with a visually colourful video destined by Steven Mertens, is a ambience of this unique, childish dreamland and partial of a five-song mini-film that will accompany a release. More Beatles than Barney, Baylin wrote a strain about her adore event with all things lunar.

“I feel like over a past few years, a moon has hired a publicist,” she says. “I’ve never seen so many super moons and blood moons. I’ve always been a fan of a moon. It’s something that binds a lot of sorcery and mystery, and a strain unequivocally wrote itself.”

Like Baylin’s 2015 LP Dark Place, that was created as a greeting to a uncharted and infrequently terrifying waters that come with a birth of a child, Strawberry Wind is deeply connected to motherhood, and to a promises and puzzles presented to relatives as they navigate lifting a subsequent generation. But only as Baylin doesn’t like to sweeten existence when it comes to her daughter, Strawberry Wind doesn’t offer adult a universe that’s soaked in sugarplums and protected from harm: instead, it’s full of both life’s attracts and a challenges. “That falls into a family values,” Baylin says. “A lot of a things in politics right now that are dividing people are about personal values. So it’s critical to me to explain things to my daughter that we also consider are important. She’s unequivocally merciful and kind, and we wish to keep her that way.”

If Dark Place was a sum eclipse, Strawberry Wind is a full moon: a liughtness is desirous by a albums Baylin loves to play for her possess daughter, like those by a Beatles, John Lennon, Harry Nilsson and Carole King, and by how she’s always been fascinated with how absolute a force strain can be to a immature child. “Violet is a unequivocally supportive girl, and it’s not only credentials strain to her,” Baylin says. “She listened to Beyoncé’s Lemonade and says, ‘she sounds unequivocally upset!’ and we said, ‘yes, we consider she is!’ She is unequivocally aware, and can lay during a piano and contend something is a unhappy song, and that are a unhappy keys. She can feel a difference.”

Violet can simply brand her mother’s voice and her father’s songs – even before a vocals flog in. Strawberry Wind speaks to those sixth-sense powers of music, and offers an remedy to relatives who need to reconnect with their childlike selves, too.

“The timing of this feels impossibly important,” Baylin says. “Lord knows we could all use some fun and consternation right now.”

Strawberry Wind will be released Apr 27th as an Amazon Original album, accessible exclusively for streaming on Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Music, as good as on vinyl around Baylin’s possess Blonde Rat. 

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