See it! New Year’s supermoon

January 3, 2018 - Supermoon


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Neeti Kumthekar in Belmar, New Jersey held a supermoon rising with a imagination effect. The rising or environment moon or object can vaunt a imagination when there are atmosphere layers of opposite temperatures nearby your horizon, for example, over an ocean. Read some-more about mirages from Atmospheric Optics.

First full moon of 2018 – and closest supermoon – during 99.9% enlightenment as prisoner from Karachi, Pakistan by Talha Zia.

Abhijit Patil in Salem, Massachusetts wrote: “I went out to declare a initial full moon of a new year and it was a balmy sight.” He also pronounced this was a initial moonrise he’s shot in 3 years of photography practice. Nice one, Abhijit!

January 1, 2018 full supermoon over Seattle, Washington from Gary Peltz.

Supermoon from Rome, Italy around Gianluca Masi during a Virtual Telescope Project, that hosted an online observation of a event.

Heidi Gabbert in San Jose, California wrote: “New Year supermoon – Jan 1, 2018 – giving us a glance by a pale sky. The initial of dual full moons occurring in January.” True, and a second one on Jan 31 is also a supermoon – and a Blue Moon – and will bear an eclipse!

Supermoon rising from Héctor Barrios in Hermosillo, Mexico.

Chirag Upreti in New Jersey held a supermoon rising over midtown Manhattan. “I guess, after a holidays, even a supermoon needs a small assistance from a super derrick to get it rolling!” he wrote.

Supermoon rising, from Bridget Borchert in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Supermoon environment behind a trees in Anchorage, Alaska, around Doug Short.

Mike Cohea held a rising supermoon from Rhode Island and combined a video above.

Rays of a rising supermoon. Eliot Herman in Tucson, Arizona pronounced it was “almost blindingly bright! This is a 9-image HDR joined in Photoshop and processed with efex. Each picture is spaced by 0,3 stops.”

Another one from Eliot Herman, who wrote: “The supermoon is roughly too splendid to demeanour during by a telescope! This is over 100 images blended together to safety fact and energetic operation of a super splendid orb!” Captured from Tucson, Arizona a few mins after a accurate impulse of full moon underneath somewhat misty skies. Read more about how Eliot done this composite.

“Happy New Year!!!” wrote Alexander Krivenyshev of, who prisoner a New Year’s full supermoon above a Empire State Building in New York City.

Gowrishankar Lakshminarayanan held a closer perspective of NYC’s Empire State Building. He wrote: “This is a blue-hour combination of a supermoon rising over a Manhattan skyline. we had designed this shot to have a moon shave a spire of a Empire State Building that was illuminated red/green for a post-Christmas holiday. This is a combination of 12 images, with a moon spaced 3 mins apart.”

January 1, 2018 reflecting in a swimming pool, with blue underwater lighting switched on, from Peter Lowenstein in Mutare, Zimbabwe.

Supermoon from Greg Redfern in Virginia.

Supermoon from Andy Bentley in California.

Smokey supermoon from Greg Bishop in Los Alamitos, California. He shot this by light clouds and grate smoke.

January 1, 2018 rising supermoon prisoner by Kwong Liew in Livermore, California during a tip of a towering along Paterson Pass Road.

“First full moon of 2018 and a super one to boot,” wrote Lou Musacchio in Montreal.

Steve Scanlon Photography wrote on Jan 1: “Tonight’s rising supermoon over homes on Grange Avenue, Fair Haven, NJ. A solidified Navesink River in a foreground. 1/1/18 4:41pm.”

Greg Diesel-Walck wrote on Jan 1: “Tonight’s Wolf Moon rising over a Potomac River – Washington DC”

A artistic use of lens flares from Helio C. Vital in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He wrote: “The topocentric stretch to a moon was usually 352,000 km [218,723 miles], creation it 18% larger in apparent area and in liughtness than a normal moon.”

View larger. | Here’s another artistic shot, from Zsolt Berend in London, who wrote: “Many people stopped and had a WOW impulse when a Wolf Moon started to arise above a horizon, giving a ideal further to a skyline of London from a Millennium Bridge. Many took their intelligent phones to seize a impulse … in this photo, a moon is a brightest mark on a tip right, and it is also on a phone on a tip left.”

New Year supermoon Jan 1, 2018 – Ploiesti, Romania around Steliana Cristina Voicu.

January 1 full supermoon from Karthik Easvur in Hyderabad, India.

Raymond Johnston held a Jan 1, 2018 supermoon from Prague, Czech Republic.

James Billups in southern California held a moonset on a morning of Jan 1, 2018 around a Palomar towering webcam. He wrote: “We are approx 3 miles southwest of a Palomar Observatory.”

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