S. Carey: Supermoon [EP]Supermoon [EP] (2015)

February 24, 2015 - Supermoon

When we initial delved into a strain of Sean Carey, we had a best of intentions: I’d perspective it by a range of a apart singer-songwriter and not by his approach couple to Bon Iver and Justin Vernon. Though Carey is a associate Eau Claire, Wisconsin musician and provides percussion for Bon Iver, he also demonstrates an measureless volume of songwriting talent and has expelled critically-acclaimed strain in his possess right, 2010’s All We Grow and 2014’s Range of Light.

But we couldn’t stop comparing a two. Especially for someone with a decidedly punk palette, Carey’s orchestrations– disposition heavily on quiet, capricious atmospheres and mixed layers of rare outspoken melodies– sound a ruin of a lot like a resigned Justin Vernon. They seem to have been lifted in a same propagandize of low-pitched thought: a some-more complex, nonetheless pale a instrumentation, a better. Lyrics and melodies are never candid or a running force of a song. The usually simply apparent eminence is that Carey’s strain tends to be a small some-more cinematic in range and most some-more reliant on piano for structure and rhythm. It’s roughly as if Carey takes Vernon-penned strain and re-scores it for film.

His latest release, Supermoon EP, begs a question: is this unequivocally necessary? It’s usually got one new strain and Radiohead cover to offer, and is especially filled with new takes on aged tracks. Its prolongation background- available during a super moon of 2014- adds an component of whimsy, though it’s not during all tied to a suggested concept. “We Fell” and “In a Stream”, from All We Grow, and “Fire-Scene” and “Neverending Fountain”, from Range of Light, are ostensible to be ‘reimaginings’, though unequivocally seem closer to stripped-down takes. Not most is altered from a songs, though they seem a small some-more personal and it’s easier to detect a considerable particular parts. The eponymous new tune, “Supermoon” is inside and piano-driven, and could be during home among his progressing releases. Carey’s take on Radiohead’s “Bulletproof…I Wish we Was” is somehow some-more windy and capricious than a original, though allows for some vivid strings nearby a culmination that are a acquire addition.

So…no, it’s not a really required further to Carey’s catalog. But for some-more ardent fans, Supermoon E.P. offers an engaging demeanour during some of Carey’s stronger songs. It’s insinuate and feels reduction over-produced than his prior releases; while mostly a small sleepy, it’s a glance during a means musician and songwriter stripping down to a essentials.

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