S. Carey: Supermoon EP

February 16, 2015 - Supermoon

“The thought was to frame a strain down to a core and hear that way,” Sean Carey recently wrote on his blog in regards to his new Supermoon EP, that was impressively available wholly over a weekend of a namesake lunar eventuality final August. With one new strain and one cover, a other two-thirds of a EP consists of choice versions of dual marks from S. Carey’s prior albums. It is not a slight to advise that what done final year’s Range of Light unequivocally heat was not a hooks—though there were some-more than enough—but a splendid instrumental beds, comfortable with well-measured layering.

On these recreations of “Fire-scene” and “Neverending Fountain” there is an igloo-like coziness, though a originals weren’t lacking their possess clarity of intimacy. Michael Noyce’s work with a strings pairs good with Carey’s inside voice and piano (including on their true travel by Radiohead’s “Bulletproof (I Wish we Was)”), and a formula are never brief of lovely, though a selected stipulations do infrequently lead to reduction durability impressions than those left by their some-more fleshed-out counterparts.


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