S. Carey Releases Beautiful EPK For ‘Supermoon’

January 22, 2015 - Supermoon

S. Carey

If we hadn’t noticed, we LOVE S. Carey, generally his latest LP, Range Of Light.

With that, we am happy to contend that his newly expelled EPK for a arriving EP Supermoon, complements a atmopsheres overwhelmed on Range Of Light and extend a listener a improved discernment to where S. Carey finds his illumination, privately in family and nature.

The nearby seven-minute video shows S. Carey traversing all fields of nature, commentating on how nature, and a forest can irradiate his music.

Noting that family has had a outrageous change on Range Of Light, S. Carey delves low into a naturalist’s mindset to assistance write and structure songs.

“Wilderness to me, is only a approach for me to unequivocally bond with a Earth, and with all around me and my devout side. There has unequivocally been a lot moments when we have been out in a tide where ill consider of a lyric, or songs I’ve been operative on will get stranded in my head. a unequivocally a place where we feel super alive. “

Follow us after a burst to perspective a Supermoon EPK, and be certain to pre-order a EP here.


Drew Caruso

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