S. Carey Announces New EP Supermoon, Tour

December 14, 2014 - Supermoon

Photo by Cameron Wittig

Bon Iver collaborator S. Carey has announced a new EP called Supermoon, that is out around Jagjaguwar on Feb 17, 2015. The EP will enclose reworked songs from his initial dual LPs as good as a Radiohead cover. All songs were available during a supermoon in August. He’s also common an swap chronicle of “Neverending Fountain” (the strange was on his new album, Range of Light) that will seem on a EP. Pre-order it here. Listen to a lane above.

S. Carey has also announced a debate whose locations are TBA (it’s a vital room tour). Check out a dates below. Order tickets here.

S. Carey:

02-05 Des Moines, IA
02-06 St. Louis, MO
02-07 Kansas City, MO
02-08 Tusla, OK
02-09 Denton, TX
02-10 Austin, TX
02-13 Tuscon, AZ
02-14 Phoenix, AZ
02-15 San Diego, CA
02-16 Los Angeles, CA
02-19 San Francisco, CA
02-20 Chico, CA
02-21 Portland, OR
02-22 Seattle, WA
02-23 Bellingham, WA
02-24 Victoria, British Columbia
02-25 Vancouver, British Columbia

source ⦿ http://pitchfork.com/news/57783-s-carey-announces-new-ep-supermoon-tour/

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